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The South Secession

Making it one of the The South Secession causes of The South Secession the civil war broke. December 10, This The South Secession collapsed in with the defeat of Confederate forces by Union armies in the American Civil War. Hickey, Donald R. Anti-federalists dominated the Poughkeepsie Convention that would ratify the Constitution. The South Secession response to Go Tell It On The Mountain Analysis election of Abraham Lincoln to the presidency of The South Secession United States on a The South Secession platform The South Secession opposed The South Secession expansion of slavery, South Carolina seceded from the Union on December 20, Historian The South Secession Chernow says The South Secession this "he wasn't calling for peaceful protests The South Secession civil disobedience: The South Secession was calling for outright rebellion, if Literary Analysis Essay On The Outsiders, The South Secession the federal government of The South Secession he was The South Secession president.

Secession and the Civil War

With the breakup of the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia and possibly Canada and a rebirth of Scottish nationalism, Southerners too are increasingly wondering whether or not greater autonomy for the South is possible. Lincoln and the War notwithstanding, self-determination and independence remain just as much a legitimate aspiration today for Southerners as in It is impossible to read the Declaration of Independence and not believe in the right of self-determination without being hypocritical.

While the purpose of this paper is not discuss in great detail the Constitutional questions concerning secession, let it suffice to be said that many constitutional experts before the War believed strongly in the Constitutional right of secession. Lincoln, of course, was opposed to the question of secession going to the Taney Supreme Court because he knew lie would not prevail.

What Lincoln was unable to accomplish by Constitutional means, lie was quite willing to do by forcing the South to stop Union supplies from reaching Ft. Sumter thus precipitating the War. The War itself did not, of course, settle the Constitutional question unless one believes as Lincoln did that might makes right. Secession and independence remains the only an answer for the South today. Aside from the fact that the old ordinances of secession were perfectly legal and repealed only at the point of a bayonet after the War, thus giving the South a legitimate reason for returning to the status quo antebellum, the Federal government and the North in general has again and again demonstrated a continual arrogant abuse of power against the South.

From the First Reconstruction to the Second Reconstruction [when Federal troops were sent back into the South] to the present, the Federal government has shown a habitual disregard for state rights by regarding the states as the servants of the central government rather than the reverse. Complete Southern autonomy and the establishment of a true confederate system is the only solution for the South that can remove the possibility of new encroachments against state rights by the Federal government. Devolution of central power back to the local and state level will remove an unneeded and unwarranted level of bureaucracy and provide the greatest amount of freedom and empowerment to the people. Southern independence will allow us to work out our own problems by ourselves and not by Federal force.

Southern independence will allow Southern culture and heritage to flourish. South Carolina withdrew from the United States on December 20, The state seceded because a Republican, Abraham Lincoln, had been elected president. The Republicans were a new party, and Lincoln was the first to be elected president. They wanted to stop slavery from spreading into the western territories.

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On February 4, these states seceded to form the Confederate States of America. Issues of taxation of states by the population and inclusion of slaves in the process could have been a better reason for the states to secede and begin the war. South Carolina separated from the other states for this reason which was justified considering that it could have affected their slaves. Thus, when Lincoln won the election, seven southern states seceded from the Union. Eventually, four other southern states also left the Union. The election of was a critical election in our history. Virginia cited this provision of its ratification when seceding in But since the Constitution is also based on the principle of coequality—all the states are equal in dignity and rights, and no state can have more rights than another—the right of secession cited by these three states must extend equally to all the states.

April 15, The Paradox Of Buridans Donkey This reorganization of the government also includes the rise The South Secession new political parties LEP. Sign in. Lawrence, Kansas: University of The South Secession Press. The South Secession, Maury

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