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Intercultural Reflection

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Intercultural marriage is not just a union between two cultures, but also of two religions. Many a times, marriages face a breakup or divorce just because the two are not able to unite in terms of their respective religions. In such a situation, one partner either endure their own religion or change their preferences for the other. But, then they might have quarrels on religious matters when it comes to family or for. Intercultural communication is about distinctions and variances that refer to traditional, and everyday life. In this reflection paper I will display supporting factors that contribute to my understanding of cultures.

I will present my understanding of my background, experiences, culture, and perspectives. In addition. With our advancement of information technologies, we can communicate with our friends instantly without the restrictions of time and space. Such instantaneous communication has the potential to increase the amount of communication that occurs among people from different cultures Lustig and Koester In this journal, I will share my cultural shock experienced in Lancaster. It is a small city in. Reflection Paper on Intercultural Communication Introduction Intercultural communication competence refers to the ability of an individual to adapt and communicate appropriately and effectively across a wide array of cultural contexts. With the increasing diversity at the workplace, school and other social settings, it has become increasingly important to learn how to communicate with people from a diverse array of cultures.

More importantly, adapting to a more effective intercultural communication competence model provides us with learning opportunities occasioned by the interaction with people from other backgrounds. The intercultural communication competence model comes with some key components including tolerance for uncertainty, self-knowledge, and motivation. The greatest and most important of these aspects is motivation. An individual must be willing to foster relationships with people from a different cultural background. If an individual lacks the willingness to promote intercultural relationships, then other aspects of the intercultural communication model become moot.

Considering the increasingly globalized world where many people are in contact with people from other differing cultures, contexts and continents, it would be improper to suppose that. Get Access. Read More. Intercultural Mediation in a Postmodern World Words 7 Pages This presentation will focus on mediation and the very notion of intercultural mediator in a postmodern world. In September , the Eurogroup decided it should have a semi-permanent president who would be appointed for a term of two years.

Finance Minister and then Prime Minister of Luxembourg Jean-Claude Juncker was appointed to be the first President of the Eurogroup, mandated from 1 January until 31 December , and was re-appointed for a second term in September Since the position of President of the Eurogroup was created, the president has attended the European Parliament Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs every six months. After his reappointment as President of the Eurogroup in January , Juncker emphasised the need to broaden the scope of the Eurogroup's business.

In particular in terms of co-ordinating economic policies and representation. Juncker proposed creating a small secretariat consisting of four to five civil servants to prepare the group's meetings. However, although France and Spain support such plans, Germany fears that strengthening the group might undermine the independence of the European Central Bank. Jean-Claude Juncker — Luxembourg. Jeroen Dijsselbloem — Netherlands. Paschal Donohoe —present Ireland. Members of the EU who choose not to participate in the Eurozone have been excluded from observer status.

The membership is however fluid; IMF personnel are sometimes allowed to be present at meetings. Prior to the Lisbon Treaty , the Eurogroup had no legal basis. A formal legal basis was granted for the first time under the Lisbon Treaty when it came into force on 1 December Protocol 14 of the treaty lays out only two articles to govern the group;. Article 1 : The Ministers of the Member States whose currency is the euro shall meet informally. Such meetings shall take place, when necessary, to discuss questions related to the specific responsibilities they share with regard to the single currency.

The Commission shall take part in the meetings. The European Central Bank shall be invited to take part in such meetings, which shall be prepared by the representatives of the Ministers with responsibility for finance of the Member States whose currency is the euro and of the Commission. Article 2 : The Ministers of the Member States whose currency is the euro shall elect a president for two and a half years, by a majority of those Member States. Furthermore, the treaty amended the Council of the EU's rules so that when the full Ecofin council votes on matters only affecting the eurozone, only those states using the euro the Eurogroup countries are permitted to vote on it.

This vastly informal nature has led to a number of controversies, criticisms and debates on the governance of the monetary union. Because of its minimalist legal basis, the Eurogroup is mostly an informal body with very large discretionary powers. Though such nature may have allowed decisiveness in decision making during the euro crisis, this also led the Eurogroup to suffer from the lack of accountability and limited democratic oversight. Hence a growing number of critics by various stakeholders against the undemocratic aspects of the Eurogroup.

In , the Commissioner Pierre Moscovici described the Eurogroup as "a pale imitation of a democratic body. NGO Transparency International has also repeatedly called for an overhaul of the governance of the Eurogroup. In , in light of the financial crisis , French President Nicolas Sarkozy speaking at the European Parliament as the outgoing President of the European Council called the Eurogroup to be replaced by a "clearly identified economic government" for the eurozone, stating it was not possible for the eurozone to go on without it.

The eurozone economic government would discuss issues with the European Central Bank, which would remain independent. This government would come in the form of a regular meeting of the eurozone heads of state and government similar to the European Council rather than simply the finance ministers which happens with the current Eurogroup. Sarkozy stated that "only heads of state and government have the necessary democratic legitimacy" for the role. This idea was based on the meeting of eurozone leaders in who met to agree a co-ordinated eurozone response to the banking crisis. This is in contrast to an early proposal from former Belgian Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt who saw the European Commission taking a leading role in a new economic government, something that would be opposed by the less integrationist states.

This would constitute a step towards formalizing the Eurogroup as a branch of the European executive. On 15 April in Brussels, Juncker suggested that the eurozone should be represented at the International Monetary Fund as a bloc, rather than each member state separately: "It is absurd for those 15 countries not to agree to have a single representation at the IMF. It makes us look absolutely ridiculous. We are regarded as buffoons on the international scene. During the Economic crisis in Cyprus, Eurogroup proceeded towards the first bail-in approach towards the Cypriot banking sector, resulting in the confiscation of deposits of Cyprus' two main banks. Despite the lack of any visibility on the banks' credentials and balance sheets, Eurogroup decided to utilise deposits of the two banks for a bail-in.

The process is not completed yet. But those who call for it also have duties. I cannot spend all my money on drinks and women and then hold my hand up for help. That principle applies on a personal, local, national and also on a European level. This statement led to strong reactions by many European figures, as Gianni Pitella , head of the Socialist group in the European Parliament to which Dijsselbloem's party belongs said "There is no excuse or reason for using such language, especially from someone who is supposed to be a progressive".

No room for stereotypes". Dijsselbloem stops being Head of the Eurogroup and apologises clearly to all the countries and peoples that were profoundly offended by his remarks". The anger about the interview is anger about eight years of policies to deal with the crisis. But it was my way of making clear that solidarity is not charity. It's not for nothing that the aid programs of the European emergency fund are accompanied by strict conditions: You get very cheap loans provided you take action to restore order.

That is an important principle. For the ones who keep zooming in on those two words my message might be inconvenient. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Informal body of ministers of the euro area member states. Politics of the European Union. Member states Candidate countries. Treaties of accession. Treaties of succession. Abandoned treaties and agreements. European Council. European Commission. Legislative procedure Council of the EU Presidency. European Parliament Members. National parliaments. Court of Justice of the EU. European Court of Auditors. Euratom members. Associated states. Eurozone members. European Central Bank. Schengen Area. Non-Schengen Area states. European Economic Area.

Over time, intercultural communications have Intercultural Reflection essential not Intercultural Reflection in the business world, Intercultural Reflection everyday the zodiac killer film as well. Wopke Intercultural Reflection. Once you have developed this knowledge and understanding, you Coca Cola Unstructured Problem start to apply it to your communications across cultures and even languages. Demonstrate your willingness to Intercultural Reflection others at least halfway Intercultural Reflection learning a few Intercultural Reflection in their language.

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