⌚ Kylee Splinter: My Life Story Of A Boy

Monday, October 04, 2021 2:02:16 AM

Kylee Splinter: My Life Story Of A Boy

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But Republican Senate President Matt Huffman asserted that special interests pressured Democrats not to back a redistricting plan that could have lasted the entire next decade. Huffman said the new map likely would produce 62 Republican seats in the Ohio House and 23 in the Senate — down just a couple in each chamber from the current GOP supermajorities. The partisan map came despite more than a dozen public hearings dominated by testimony from Ohio residents who said the current gerrymandered maps have left them out in the cold. House map this past week and is still working on a state House map.

But the Michigan panel of four Democrats, four Republicans and five independents has so far avoided devolving into partisan encampments. In Virginia, two separate mapmakers hired for Democrats and Republicans are to submit rival plans for consideration this coming week by the member commission, which has four lawmakers and four citizens from each major party. Even if the commission stalemates, the new process still could be considered an improvement over the previous one, because the public is getting to see deliberations and divisions that might otherwise have been kept behind closed doors, said Keena, of Virginia Commonwealth.

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