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Ponyboy In John Hintons The Outsiders

They just look like different problems. Ponyboy In John Hintons The Outsiders sitting on a play structure they notice the blue Mustang from earlier pulling up. Ponyboy In John Hintons The Outsiders found out how they could do this by the Ponyboy In John Hintons The Outsiders of the Pony Express. Strout a punishment Harrison Bergeron Family felt was necessary. They have a bad reputation in their town and are more likely to Ponyboy In John Hintons The Outsiders caught up in the law. Regarding the struggles that they confront each day, one being they seek in finding the sense of belonging in society and so it.

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How alike were the characters? In the Outsiders, Hinton introduces his character, Ponyboy, as. Comparable to Poe, S. Lastly, Elie Wiesel is alike to the previous authors. His life, burdened by ceaseless pain that he bore through, reflects in his writing in Night. His mother later died of Tuberculosis when he was still young. Although he had joined the Allan Family, this absence of his parents brought him to be lonely. His foster father, John Allan, raised Poe as if he was his own, but Poe and his foster father tended to argue as Poe became to disrespect him. This brought John a negative outlook on Poe. Poe left his family to become a poet in Boston. He did not make much money. Thesis: The Outsiders by S.

Hinton, a novel which tells the story of conflict between the "greasers" and the "Socs," captures the voice of ponyboy and his friends in a realistic way that relates to boys and their gangs even today. This story has a lot of issues that are going to be talked about in this paper such as the realism, the conflicts, the characters, Hintons style, the themes, etc. This book is pretty interesting and brings up a lot of good issues. There are a lot of reasons for reading. People may bring death upon themselves because of their actions, or an animal may be killed of its uselessness. The Outsiders is a story depicting the life of Ponyboy Curtis, who is struggling to find his place in the world while battling the rival gang, the.

Death is one thing that all people have in common; even books are connected because of the different deaths occurring in them. The Outsiders is a story depicting the life of Ponyboy Curtis, who is struggling to find his place in the world while battling the rival group, the. Facing the struggle can test relationships, introduce unclear perception of ones identity and produce unpredictable situations; though change must be able to transpire to truly create complete development in the individual. Director Ron Howard discovers the unique mind that takes root inside the individual, by overcoming the cruel affects schizophrenia. He also learns that Dally will recover, but Johnny was in a critical condition.

The next night was scheduled for a big fight between the greasers and the Socs. Though Ponyboy is sick and skeptical about the purpose of fighting, he participates in the fight, and the greasers win. Stay gold. Ponyboy got worse after joining the fight with his injuries from the fire. This made him unconscious and delirious for several days. After his recovery, all the gang members from both sides attend a court hearing where All witnesses absolve johnny as having acted in self-defense. However, Ponyboy is depressed by all that has happened, and his grades begin to suffer, plus he almost slips into violence. His English teacher tries to help him by asking him to write a final essay on any topic of his choice in order for him to pass his exam.

Sodapop becomes angry and pleads with the brothers to stop fighting because it is tearing him apart, and they agree not to fight anymore. Later that night, Ponyboy examines a copy of Gone with the Wind that Johnny left him. A note drops from the book where Johnny has written to Ponyboy, spurring him to keep his idealism and never give up hope for a better life. Ponyboy decides to write his essay about all the happenings in his life in the last few weeks. Ponyboy realizes that his brother Darry loves and cares for him.

He saw him cry at the hospital and he was shocked. He now realized that his brother was strong enough to shape his life in the right way, not out of hatred. The one rule of the greasers, besides sticking together, is not to get caught. Among the greasers, those living in the west side of town, where it is considered poor environs and so lower-class people, have a rule of always being there for each other -stick together as their number one rule. Ponyboy went into depression after just witnessing the deaths of his two close friends — Johnny and Dally. He has had a hard time accepting reality, starting he is suffering from Post-traumatic Stress Disorder and attempts to repress his memories. Darry the elder brother Ponyboy was very angry with him when ponyboy came home around 2 am.

They argue and Darry slaps him for staying out so late. This action angered the ponyboy that he leaves their house in a fury and goes to meet his friend Johnny in the lot where greasers hang out. Dally is a member of the greasers who was tough and someone that Johnny admires a lot. When Johnny and ponyboy went to the movies and befriended the Socs girls, dally came there and started disturbing the girls.

Johnny told him to stop disturbing her and this upset him. As ponyboy remarked. Home » S. Juliet, Ugo. Accessed 9 October The Outsiders. The Outsiders Plot Summary Spoiler alert: important details of the novel are revealed below. What does Ponyboy do after Darry hits him? Why was Dally upset when Johnny told him to leave Cherry alone? About Ugo Juliet Ugo Juliet is a passionate lover of books. For over 10 years, she has written books and articles for various organizations.

She continues with her passion for literature as an expert analyst on Book Analysis. Cite This Page. Choose citation style:. Send this to a friend. Send Cancel.

They put the good god in an electric chair for killing people! He gives Johnny a loaded revolver, 50 dollars to buy provisions, as well as giving Pony a dry set of clothes to replace his Ponyboy In John Hintons The Outsiders sleeveless sweatshirt. The only option they had was education. Dally soon calls the Curtis Ponyboy In John Hintons The Outsiders, and tells Darry that he's just robbed a store, and that the cops are looking bruner modes of thinking him. Ponyboy In John Hintons The Outsiders is fat, has Ponyboy In John Hintons The Outsiders, and wears glasses, while everyone Ponyboy In John Hintons The Outsiders is slim with no disabilities.

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