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Immigrant Workers To Save Costs Summary

Archived from the original on April 28, Immigrant Workers To Save Costs Summary it on. In Germany, people must privately mourn their ancestors who died for the Nazi Immigrant Workers To Save Costs Summary, but in America, the South still regularly conducts Civil War reenactments. National Science Foundation. Archived from the original on Anaerobic respiration in yeast equation 24,

Experiences of Immigrant Workers: Challenges, Opportunities and the Future of our Economy

His attackers were never indicted or prosecuted. In parts of India, lower castes are required to walk certain distances behind those belonging to higher castes, to wear a bell to warn others of their pollutive presence, or to wipe out their footprints behind them, etc. In Germany, Nazis restricted Jews from beaches and public pools. In the United State, there was the separation of facilities, separate textbooks for children, separate water fountains, separate hospital wards and separate cemeteries and so forth.

In , Plessy vs. Restrictions on access to water have been seen in all three major caste systems. For example, fear of African Americans in public pools and policies against that have been widespread. It was commonly cited that there was a need to thoroughly cleansepools after use by the disfavored caste. In , when St. Louis changed the rules to allow black people in public pools, it resulted in a mob chasing down black people approaching the vicinity of the pool. This resulted in a Louisiana dividing up people into sub-castes such as griffes three-fourths black , marabons five-eighths black , and sangmelees one-sixty-fourth. Wilkerson compares the American system of racial categorization to the South African system.

In America, no such incentives existed, and instead the focus has been on exclusion. Efforts to limit immigration were seen in two of the most stringent immigration bans: the Chinese Exclusion Act of and the Immigration Act. For those in the Middle Castes, there have been numerous attempts to be admitted into the upper caste. In , the Supreme Court rejected a bid for citizenship from an upper caste Indian man who argued that he was white because the upper caste of India is understood by many to be originally descended from Aryans. For example, in India, Dalits were not permitted to drink from the same cups as others or walk through the front doors of upper-caste homes. In America, there were sundown laws where black Americans were not permitted in white towns after dark.

Wilkerson notes how black Americans were conditioned to adjust their behavior to suit the dominant caste. They knew things like adverts for the circus coming into town or political rallies were not meant for them, and they knew not to shake the hands of white folks. Meanwhile, a young white man who moved north in the mid-twentieth century recalls how his conditioning caused him to feel automatic revulsion each time he later had to shake hands with black men. That is a class requiring but a low order of intellect and but little skill.

Its requisites are vigor, docility, fidelity. Such a class you must have…It constitutes the very mud-sill of society. Similarly, African Americans have long performed the unwanted tasks of society. Wilkerson additionally notes how Nazis used Jewish prisons for entertainment, forcing them to jump and dance for their amusement. Dehumanization can be achieved by methods such as attaching stigmas to them, for example by turning them into scapegoats. In America, African were treated as property for auction and given new names to disassociate them from their past. At slave auctions, women were often undressed and prodded by bidders, forced to smile or else be whipped in the process.

Other common practices included withholding of food and providing ill-fitting and uncomfortable uniforms. In Nazi Germany, required calories were meticulously calculated and then systematically reduced, so Jews were kept weak to prevent them from fighting back. In America, Africans were starved of nutrients despite doing the hardest labor. And in all three caste systems, the very natural reactions of stealing food to stave off starvation was punished severely. And Wilkerson further describes the legal double standards that have existed in American law, whereby the same offenses are punishable by death for black Americans but by incarceration for whites.

Dehumanization has also lead to horrors like medical experimentation for the lower caste. Nazi Germany is known for its experimentation on Jews. Similarly, in America many cases of experimentation on African American populations have been identified, such as allowing syphillus to go untreated the Tuskegee Study to document its affects or injecting test subjects with plutonium without their consent. Wilkerson makes the point that dehumanization lowers the bar for acceptable treatment of humans. She cites an experiment where test subjects were instructed to administer shocks to another person. Violence and terror have long been used as methods to keep people in their place. Inhumane whippings were a constant feature of slavery, and crimes we think of as unquestionably wrong homicide, rape, assault were permitted when the target was a black person.

In Nazi Germany, public hangings were used to inspire terror, just as lynchings were common in the American south. Wilkerson discusses the perpetual horrors, including a variety of methods of torture. On plantations, a slave driver was selected from among the black slaves to keep order. By forcing them to disciple their own people, it reinforced the power of the dominant caste and created dissention among the lower caste. Other methods of psychological terror included leaving lynched bodies to be taken down and disposed of by other black people or the family members of the victim or the Nazis having their prisoners pick up dead bodies. For example, in India, the styling of their saris and the jewelry the Dalits could wear were limited.

In South Carolina in , slaves were limited to wearing clothes made of coarse materials. Similarly, any display of Jewish success risked enraging Nazis. A group of third-graders were split into two castes, as determined by their blue or brown eye colors. The teacher arbitrarily assigned being blue-eyed as superior, with them being told they were smarter and faster. Brown-eyed people were given restriction like not being allowed to drink from the water fountain and shorter recess. Quickly, the kids settle in their castes, resulting in name-calling and whatnot.

Later, the teacher switched the castes, with brown eyes being superior. Afterwards, kids in the lower caste reported feeling demoralized and the teacher found that the kids performed worse while they were slotted into the lower caste. Wilkerson discusses attending a conference on caste. He also recounts how his darker-skinned sister was instructed to boil milk to spread on her face each night to lighten her skin since upper castes are associated with lighter skin color. Wilkerson compares this to how a firstborn child may feel the burden of being expected to take over a family business and the feeling of failure if they are not up to the task.

In the s, The New Deal reforms helped to create social safety nets — but many of these programs excluded black Americans when they were initially passed. These programs created wealth and opportunity for white Americans. When these social safety nets were later expanded to include black Americans, many whites could feel their position slipping, not understanding that it was always based on inequities in their favor, which even now continue to give them a leg up. This section looks at the transformation of overt racism into unconscious bias, and it considers the implications of that unconscious bias, especially in the area of healthcare.

These automatic thoughts are deeply ingrained so people may not realize how their behavior is being shaped. The implications of this unconscious bias results in disparities in areas such as hiring, housing, education, and medical treatment. Conversely, white Americans are likely overtreated for pain, which has contributed to the opioid crisis where many white Americans are addicted to pain medication. Wilkerson also notes that if substance abuse had been treated as a systemic and social issue as opposed to a crime problem when the subordinate classes were having drug problems in the s, there would likely be a better framework now to handle the current opioid problem.

Wilkerson then recounts examples of how this scapegoating makes us all less safe and worse off. For example, in the American South, the lowest caste was blamed for bad harvests on the plantations, and the Confederates blamed them for losing the war. In modern day, black Americans are associated with drug problems even though there are many parties that contribute to drug trade in the U. Lower castes are blamed for rejections in college admissions and lack of jobs or career advancement or opportunities. Wilkerson notes that while the lowest castes fought for affirmative action, white women have been the prime beneficiaries of it.

Wilkerson recounts the story of Charles Stuart, who planned a plot to murder his pregnant wife, pretending it was a black mugger. She equates this with our history of accepting black men as being guilty of anything someone in the dominant caste accused them of. Wilkerson points out that this means the caste system makes us less safe, by allowing guilty parties to go free. In , Anthony Stephan House, a year-old black man, was a victim of a package bomb. Texas Police dismissed it as possibly his own fault making it and accidentally detonating it or linked to drugs.

Over the following ten days, there were more black victims of package bombs. Finally, when a two white men were injured and a bomb was set off at a FedEx warehouse, the police ramped up their efforts and the suspect was apprehended less than 24 hours later. Finally, Wilkerson discusses the Ebola outbreak which began in West Africa in late In September, the first case was transmitted to the U. Wilkerson makes the point that we are all interconnected and interdependent on each other, so trying to rely on distance or race to inoculate us makes us worse off. Wilkerson notes how the social hierarchy of canines differ from that of humans. In Oakland, a lower caste father at a restaurant tells his son to eat his vegetables. The scene that played out is consistent is the tradition of upper caste people feeling entitled to override the lower caste as it pertains to their children, such as the case when slave owners sold off the children of their slaves.

Elsewhere, in a wealthy suburb an upper caste man mistakes his well-to-do lower caste neighbor for the dry cleaners. In Chicago, a lower caste college professor getting off a bike is chided for opening his own mail, having been mistaken for a postal worker. In an engineering office, a white contractor sidesteps the lower-caste engineer in charge of a project and directs questions at her white colleague instead. Meanwhile, all around America, videotaped incidents of upper caste members intruding upon the lives of lower caste members continue to go viral.

From lower caste members asleep in the common areas of their dormitories or trying to get into their condos or babysitting for children, lower caste members have been harassed for doing very everyday activities, with potentially fatal results as police are called. Wilkerson also recounts her own experience and terror in being questioned by DEA officers while walking through the airport as boarding a shuttle full of white business travelers. As such, rising above your station results in retribution. Instead, the caste system rewards lower caste members who in ways that reinforce their caste. After the Civil War, while America was allied with the French during WWI, white soldiers were rankled by the equal treatment of black soldiers by the French.

Consequently, French officers were directed not to praise or commend black soldiers too much, lest they offend the white soldiers. Wilkerson notes how violence is commonly directed at the most successful members of the lower caste. For example, the riot in Tulsa, Oklahoma involved a mob burning to the ground a section of town where prosperous black business owners and finance professionals lived known as Black Wall Street. It escalated into an excuse for a mob to attack the successful black-owned grocery store whose clerks defended the black boy. For example, an enslaved African man named Onesimus described the process for inoculating from disease using fluids from an infected person precursor to immunization to Cotton Mather, a Puritan leader.

It eventually contributed to the eradication of smallpox, but Onesimus was not even able to fully gain his freedom despite his crucial contribution. Instead, in order for a lower caste member to reap rewards, one must act in ways that reinforce caste. For example, the single exception to Jim Crow rules was for black maids. They could ride in the whites-only section with the white children they were entrusted with if they proved sufficiently reliable. It meant their rewards were tied to servitude to the upper caste. The reinforcement of caste was seen in Nazi Germany as well, where Jews were prohibited from holding roles if it could result in them outshining their Aryan counterparts. In modern day, we see this in emphasis of urban city crime rates or are over-represented as being poor people on the news.

This section is about social stratification within the lowest caste and what those within it may or must do to try not to end up at the very bottom of the barrel. Meanwhile, sometimes the perpetrators of mistreatment of the lower castes can be others within that group, out of the desire to prove themselves to those around them or to higher caste members such as with black cops participating in police brutality. Within the lowest caste, recent African immigrants are often better educated and better off than African Americans who are descended from slaves. Unlike European immigrants who try to shake off their culture and assimilate in order to be accepted into the dominant caste, recent African immigrants may try to hold on to their ethnic differences in order to avoid confusion with their counterparts who are descended from slaves.

The book also adds that the American criminal justice system tells us a lot about what lives we value in the United States. This section discusses the Davis study, conducted in Jim Crow Mississippi from to , which is an important, in-depth academic work on race and caste in America. Ihe Davis study was conducted by two well-educated couples, one black and one white who are all anthropologists, and one additional person. They travelled from the North down to Natchez, Mississippi in to conduct a study about race and class in the Jim Crow South, reporting back their findings to a Cambridge professor. The complications of their ambitious study was compounded by the difficulty of masking their status as colleagues and friends in order to prevent the upsetting the rules of decorum and caste.

The result was the publication of Deep South: A Social Anthropological Study of Caste and Class in , which discussed race in America in terms of a two-tiered caste system. Unfortunately, two white anthropologists began similar, but less in-depth studies while their work was being completed and published their findings in and However, the Davis study inspired others and continues to be an important work in understanding race and caste in America. This section discusses Satchel Paige, one of the greatest pitchers in baseball history, who was not allowed in the majors until he was past his prime. Wilkerson uses Satchel Paige, a talented baseball player who could throw a very precise fastball, as an example, who was excluded from the major league until it opened up to African Americans in By that time Satchel Paige was 42 and well past his prime.

Wilkerson discusses a video of Hilter being greeted in a triumphant German parade after the surrender of Paris in This section looks at the narcissism that is inherent in caste, which is reflected in how the caste sees itself and the leaders they are drawn to. It also considers caste behavior and the tendency to place people based on their origins. Part of this narcissism means that people within the dominant caste are able to draw self-esteem, even if misplaced, from it, and therefore they are willing to sacrifice in order to preserve this group and their source of self-esteem. That need to preserve the group can give rise to radicalism or fascism.

She compares conversations she has heard in America where people attempt to place each other based on where their families emigrated from in Europe. In , a white former policewoman murders a man who is sitting in his own apartment because she mistakenly thought it was her own. She is given a light sentence 10 years and afterwards, as she cried, the black bailiff gives her a hug. The black judge then steps down to hug and comfort the woman as well.

To compare, in another sentencing around the same time, a young black man is sent to jail for 10 days for arriving late to jury duty. However, they were holding them captive, abusing and withholding food from them and using them as social media props. When authorities finally close in on the women in , the women kill the boys in a murder-suicide by driving off a cliff. Finally, Wilkerson recounts the experiences of a Dalit man who explains the lengths he goes to in order to shield himself from further attacks on his dignity like getting kicked out of a store. In the Antebellum South, free black passengers on a ship end up presenting a problem with regards to dining order.

Their class was technically the same as whites, but caste dictated that black passengers eat after any white people on the ship. Instead, the freed black passengers end up having to eat in a pantry after everyone else. They are ejected and police are summoned. In , black golfers are kicked off a Pennsylvania Court and the police are called because they are not playing fast enough. Wilkerson recounts a few of her own examples of personal encounters in first or business class flights. On a flight to Denver, a flight attendant refuses to assist her after assuming she is not in first class, despite evidence to the contrary such as her boarding with other first class passengers.

On another flight, another passenger keeps shoving into her seat, unhappy about her putting her seat back, and the flight attendant declines to intervene. On a different flight, another passenger wordlessly shoves up against her while getting his baggage, despite her vocal protests, and everyone watching on declines to intervene. Wilkerson ends the section by adding two more examples of interactions from flights. In , a white man slaps a black baby as it cries during descent. In , a Vietnamese-American man is part of a group of passengers randomly selected to be pulled from an overbooked United Flight. When he refuses, on account of being a doctor who must return to his patients who is in a seat he booked and paid for, he is forcibly dragged off the plane by police, suffering injuries including the loss of teeth, as onlookers watch.

African-Americans living in America exhibit higher than average rates of health conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease, an occurrence not seen in Africans living in sub-Saharan Africa. These finding indicate that the stress and friction of racial prejudice is deadly and has real health implications. The longer these are, the healthier you are since frequent cell divisions shorten these and indicate premature aging, generally due to chronic stress. However, among African Americans and Mexicans , the average middle-class person exhibits more cell damage than a lower-income person.

Wilkerson posits this to be because a middle-class marginalized person is exposed to greater discrimination because they are rising above their caste see Chapter Life expectancies are also shorter for lower-caste people relative to their higher-caste counterparts at every level of education. This section discusses the election of Barack Obama as president of the United States and his presidency. Wilkerson makes the point that Barack Obama was always pristine Harvard educated, photogenic, talented orator, scandal-free, etc. Wilkerson notes that the United States still remains divided in essentially the same way it was during the Civil War.

The Obama presidency additionally triggered a crisis for the dominant caste, given that it disrupted the centrality of white dominance. As such, it kicked off an era of obstruction and disrespect from the opposing party. This section looks at the election of Donald Trump and what that tells us about caste in America. According to Wilkerson, in people were taken by surprise partially because they failed to understand how powerful and entrenched caste and the maintenance of that social order can be. Wilkerson also asserts that the political parties have come to be treated according to their association with their proximate castes. Democratic candidates have faced more scrutiny and double standards, while Republicans have gotten more automatic white support.

Similarly, Wilkerson notes that the parties treat their bases in ways consistent with caste as well. Republicans proudly and unapologetically rally their white base, while Democrats are less enthusiastic about their base, possibly taking them for granted, and instead expend much effort reinforcing the centrality of the dominant caste by trying to appeal to white voters at the margins. It also considers how Germany has managed their past compared to the United States. In August of , a white supremacist rally takes place in Charlottesville, Virginia amidst rising tensions over a statue of Robert E.

Lee, and a counter-protestor is killed by a car that is driven intentionally into the crowd. The statue is one of 1, confederate statues in the United States. Even after the abolishment of slavery in , there remains in many places a glorification of the enslavement of the lower caste through these monuments, the names of streets and schools, plaques and stamps etc. In New Orleans the process of removing four Confederate statues, a decision from the mayor, became complicated when potential contractors were sent threats and one even had his car fire-bombed. When the first one was finally removed in April , a team of SWAT personnel oversaw the location and the crew wore masks to protect their identities for their own safety.

Meanwhile, in staunchly Republican Alabama, legislation was passed to ensure no confederate statues could be removed. To compare, Germany has no monuments that celebrate their Nazi past. Wilkerson notes how displaying swastikas is illegal in Germany, but the confederate flag remains the state flag of Mississippi. In Germany, people must privately mourn their ancestors who died for the Nazi cause, but in America, the South still regularly conducts Civil War reenactments. Similarly, Nazi leaders were tracked down and punished for their crimes and Germany continues to pay reparations. Meanwhile, slave masters in America faced no penalties for their actions and of course no reparations have ever been paid. Finally, Germany continues to educate their youth about and promote having a sense of responsibility about their past.

This section is about what Americans are willing to give up in order to keep the lower caste. Wilkerson opens by describing how a Nobel Prize-winning physicist ended up with mounting medical bills as he grew older and ended up having to auction off his Nobel medal for funds before his death. She then notes how the United States is unique among peer nations in its unwillingness to provide healthcare. Moreover, Wilkerson argues that the caste system builds rivalry and distrust that is bad for everyone. The United States has one of the highest rates of gun deaths, one of the highest incarceration rates, one of the poorest life expectancies for a high-income country, poor childbirth and infant mortality rates, is lagging in terms of math and reading skills and continues to drop in terms of the happiness of its citizens relative to other countries.

This section discusses the experiences of a Brahmin highest caste man who decides to remove his sacred thread a symbol of his status, worn since he was a boy after seeing the inequities and untruths of the caste system. Here, Wilkerson recounts an experience with a friend from the dominant caste who got very upset when they went to a restaurant and received poor service compared to all the tables around them. The friend blew up and accused the restaurant of being racist. Wilkerson describes an anecdote from about a plumber coming to address a water leak in the basement of her house.

The man seems apathetic about helping her, offering what appears to be a superficial, incorrect solution. Despite her annoyance Wilkerson tries to build a rapport with him talking about their respective families, and it works. Once she gets him talking, he ends up digging into the problem and getting to the source of the issue. He continued to be an ally in the fight against discrimination and support civil rights activists through his life.

She likens her work to a housing inspector who has come to identify the problems in a house see the old house metaphor in Chapter Two , but reminds the reader that the onus is still on everyone, especially the dominant caste, to do the work it takes to dismantle the system. It is a purely unmitigated disaster. America is now the laughing stock of the world and our enemies are getting bolder and stronger daily as we grow more cowardly and weaker daily. Taiwan and the Middle East are two areas that are at great risk not just from China in regards to Taiwan but from a nuclear armed Iran who has and will continue to threaten the entire region. The race issue is now so much more dominant as is anger and hatred. The middle ground so loved by Americans is gone.

The extremists in the New Socialist Democrat Party have moved so far left as to have removed any common ground. We are down to the last few months to save this constitutional republic from total demise. What ever it takes is what ever it takes. As always read, research and feel free to share to all you know using this blog! The fourth video shows three Pfizer scientists comparing their vaccine to natural immunity and admitting natural immunity from having had COVID comes out on top. One talked about how the COVID vaccines only work with a single protein, prompting an antibody response only to that protein.

By the way, a new study shows more than half of the protection from the Pfizer COVID vaccine is gone after just five months. Bottom line: natural immunity is better than the vaccine and lasts longer, to boot. One Pfizer scientist gave this advice: get vaccinated only if your natural immunity starts to wane. So why all the hoopla about vaccines and threats against unvaccinated people, and people getting fired from their jobs? Effective treatments like monoclonal antibodies are being shoved to the side because the big money is in vaccines. Does that sound far-fetched to you?

Pfizer pays lobbyists to push the vaccine on government leaders in Australia. Are they paying journalists to push the vaccine in America? Somebody needs to dig into this. I am sure many of you heard of the major issues created by the inability of container ports to keep up with the loading and unloading of container ships. Many of these container ports are in blue states or in leftist countries, as regards leadership and agenda, and are as mismanaged as the state usually is. This, he further adds, will increase already burgeoning transportation costs which will have to be passed onto consumers who are waiting to purchase the mostly Chinese crap inside the containers.

So, what is causing this bottleneck is the next obvious question you want the answer to? You will never believe the answer!!! Well, you my readers will as you are among the best informed people out there!! The simple answer, part of which I hinted to earlier, is Covid — oh — and labor!! The pandemic, lockdowns, closures if one person gets Covid and the favorite tool of these leftist politicians in the blue states and socialist nations, quarantines!!

DP World operates huge container deep water ports globally in countries as diverse and as far away as Russia, Europe, India, Africa and of course here in the Americas! They have over 54, employees from countries. The huge majority of consumer goods from clothing to cars, furniture to foods, vehicle parts to chips for computers, are sent by sea as the cost is lower. Air transportation does not have the planes, infrastructure or staff to compete and the costs are higher as they cannot carry anywhere near as much. Moller-Maersk, the worlds largest container shipping company, is also letting us know that they expect this crisis to continue as these states and countries continue to disrupt the passage of goods by closing down ports etc.

These ships, traveling in huge numbers, computerized as regards travel and arrivals, unloads and reloading, are now piling up off shore, waiting to come in and unload or reload. Almost creating traffic jams with huge multi million dollar ships and their billions in cargo, anchor up and wait in long multi billion dollar lines. We see pockets of improvements, only to get setbacks when our operations encounter new COVID outbreaks and lockdowns.

It has got so bad that approximately a week ago, several powerful transportation groups got together and issued a strong warning to the UN General Assembly that unless things improve as regards freeing up the movement of goods and trade globally, the global system will collapse under the strain and massively increased costs of doing business on this new scale that the left is presenting as the new norm. Transport workers are under great strain in all the related sectors. We see a massive worldwide shortage of heavy goods truck drivers which is causing major headaches globally. The supply is not keeping up with demand as we see in the UK with its present gas supply issues. Many of those sectors will and continue to see huge numbers leaving those jobs due to the bad conditions and poor treatment during this hugely hyped politically motivated pandemic.

So — bottom line is that there will be continuous shortages of almost everything, regardless to country of manufacture, and when those products are actually available, they will be in short supply but come with every increasing prices. I suggest if you are looking to buy for Christmas etc. If you do not you will just pay more or not even get it either on time or at all. However, being as Trump said it the left has literally gone the opposite direction, despite the damage to our country which they seem intent on destroying and the real cost to the people they are supposed to represent. What a bunch of evil, treasonous, corrupt, worthless bunch of low lives they are. In any other country they would all be languishing in prison cells or preferably, in my mind, awaiting certain execution.

In a world deluged by irrelevant information, clarity is power. Yuval Noah Harari. From State Leaders Network — a group I am a member of. A roundup of work being done. There are patriots all over this nation doing all in their power to make the changes needed. You may not realize how far-reaching the initiative is. Itwould turn over ALL the state money spent on education to the parents. From the Office of Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson, the Report reveals a disturbing trend in the radicalization of the educational system of North Carolina.

The data reveals the population sentiments of fear, concern, and victimization by radicals harming student education as well as the diffusion of radicals across the state as well as urban and rural areas. The report is relevant for understanding the human domain and permissive environments. The Senate is expected to hear House Bill next week. Notwithstanding the adoption by the United States Congress of S. Part IV of this act shall take effect upon its passage. Introduced by Sen. Curtis Hertel, Jr D on July 15, Mike Parson signed into law three bills that offer more protections for officers, people harmed from defunding of police departments, and an annual Law Enforcement Appreciation Day.

Such resolutions have been passed in a number of jurisdictions. Each acre is similar, a state flag, a monolith marker with the names of the MOH awardees who entered military service through that state, and there is a small metal plate mounted on the grounds that identifies the awardees, their unit, and where the action took place. Replacing the smaller plaques will be our next job. They are getting worn. The Oklahoma Acre was rehabbed in New brick work, new monument, flag pole etc. We are working with the State to locate a monument which will be a big plaque with 34 names of Oklahoma native sons who received the award.

This does not exist anywhere in OK and most of the other States. Our Chapter decided we should not have to drive to PA to see something like this and it properly belongs in the State Capitol and we raised funds for Valley Forge and for here and the State has approved our project. It would be nice if each state capital would have such a display. But not a listing of the MOH awardees. We will also have computer info so people can read about them. Below is a poignant poem written by a fellow Rhodesian, now Zimbabwean Michelle Frost. Read it and understand that what happened in Rhodesia in is exactly what is happening here in America. If you are white you are going to be discriminated against. White privileged people are to be shamed.

Black and white Christian people will be discriminated against and mocked — made to feel ashamed of their honest and fervently held beliefs. Just like Pastor Artur Pawlowski in Canada who has been arrested and abused multiple times and constantly harassed and treated as a common criminal by so called cops and border agents. These cops have and continue to act like Nazis. They are coming for them in Canada, in Australia and trust me, there is nothing more these insane leftists would like to see than anti vaxxers arrested. For conservatives to be arrested. For Trump supporters to be arrested. For freedom loving and anti big government believers to be arrested. For capitalists to be arrested. Et al. The increasing speed with which this evil Devil spawn administration is sinking our Constitutional Republic is scary.

The amount of Americans who have lost their minds and their American spirit seems to be growing. The extremist comments coming out of the mouths of these ignoramuses and evil personified individuals seems to get more extreme daily. These libtard fools are domestic terrorists. They are the domestic and now also illegal enemies within. If they are not destroyed they will destroy what was the greatest, most powerful nation ever established. All those Americans who have taken an Oath as a law enforcement officer, Federal Agent or military member etc. An Oath is a solemn promise. Often to God. Here is an example:- I state your name , do solemnly swear or affirm , that I will support the Constitution of the United States, and the Constitution and laws of the State of?

To all of us that have taken that Oath, what more evidence of malfeasance and treason do you need to see? Our present illegal federal administration, headed by a completely mentally incompetent, criminal and traitor, but organized by other evil beings, Obama etc. They are destroying the military, law enforcement, the judiciary, the economy, the middle class, Americans of all creeds, colors and religions. They are destroying the morals and ethics of our families. They are destroying the traditional family units. They are destroying well and long held religious beliefs. They are making the murder of our future generations acceptable with their evil beliefs in abortion up to birth.

They are taking all our rights and privileges away including our control of our own bodies and what we put in them. They are trying to remove parental authority over your kids saying it takes a village to raise them. It takes a mother and father. I could go on but you get the picture. What spark will it take to begin the revolt that will take back our Constitutional Republic? How much more crap will we allow? How much more destruction of the American way of life will we allow? How many more unconstitutional dictator style orders and mandates will we allow? How much longer will we abide by or put up with dictatorial monarch type government? Think long and hard. Read the poem below and contemplate. Get on your knees and pray for divine guidance.

Get right with your God. If you need help with that seek out the true religious and Bible believing church. One that is not scared of losing its tax exempt status. A church and pastor like mine. A teacher of the Bible as written and not subverted. Things to do:- Join a militia. They are not a right wing extremist racist organization. That is just what the media and libtards want you to think. Find like minded people in your community. Purchase firearms and ammunition. Gold and silver. Emergency food. Survivalist equipment. Ballistic vests. Take a survival course. Take an advanced driving class.

Learn basic security measures. Ensure your home is secure. Get cameras and alarms. Train your family in all the above. Pray daily. Read your Bible daily. If there is to be an armed conflict God will be on the side of right. He will never support any of the leftists and socialists. The bums or those that are ignorant. The haters, the intolerant, the racists, the sexually bankrupt, the immoral or deviant society.

Pedophiles, rapists, sex traffickers, drug dealers, thieves and criminals etc. Within my soul, within my mind, There lies a place I cannot find. Home of my heart. Land of my birth. Smoke-coloured stone and flame-coloured earth. Electric skies. Shivering heat. Blood-red clay beneath my feet. At night when finally alone, I close my eyes — and I am home. I kneel and touch the blood-warm sand And feel the pulse beneath my hand Of an ancient life too old to name, In an ancient land too wild to tame. How can I show you what I feel?

How can I make this essence real? I search for words in dumb frustration To try and form some explanation, But how can heart and soul be caught In one-dimensional written thought? That mortal thought can hold or tame. But what is home? I hear them say, This never was yours anyway. You have no birthright to this place, Descendant from another race. An immigrant? A pioneer? You are no longer welcome here.

Whoever said that love made sense? I have no grounds for dispensation, I know I have no home or nation. For just one moment in the night I am complete, my soul takes flight. For just one moment …. Never complete. Never whole. White Skin and an African soul. Enjoying myself a month or so ago at the rodeo- the last true American patriot professional sport where my wife and I will be this upcoming weekend! We cannot wait. John Locke What a difference a decade makes! Andy Rooney once said. I hope that you all enjoyed these! Andy Rooney! January 14, — November 4,

Barr DHS v. Library resources about Immigration to the United States. They are all specialized in specific Personal Narrative: My Experience Of Racism. March 8, Palgrave Macmillan. Sincerely, Immigrant Workers To Save Costs Summary M. And, please, stay home until that new lip ring Immigrant Workers To Save Costs Summary.

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