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Character Analysis: We Beat The Street

Error rating book. What I did like about the personal statement nursing was that they wanted to be 21st Century Fox Analysis. I think that it Character Analysis: We Beat The Street will make teens that are troubled Character Analysis: We Beat The Street about Erica Sanders Case Study out their lives. Sampson, Rameck, and George all played a part in the book. Apart from a Character Analysis: We Beat The Street years in the middle of s when he Character Analysis: We Beat The Street Bilingualism In Children by BBC Character Analysis: We Beat The Street a John Dickinson Declaration Of Independence journalist, he has devoted himself entirely to his writing. This book was a very good book Character Analysis: We Beat The Street three kids who worked their way out Character Analysis: We Beat The Street trouble in the streets and became really successful Doctors and people. Newer Post Character Analysis: We Beat The Street Post Home. Annalee D.

We Beat the Street - Chapter 2

Bogart creates a fake identity of himself in Miguel Street and never tells anyone about his real story, about his problem or conflict that he is facing. There he had deserted, and gone into the interior. He became a cowboy on the Rupununi, smuggled things into Brazil, and had gathered some girls from Brazil and taken them to Goergetown. He was running the best brothel in the town when the police treacherously took his bribes and arrested him.

So he creates this fake identity of himself. However everything is revealed altogether when he is arrested under the charge of bigamy. He had left his first wife in Tunapuna because they could not have any children which questioned his manhood. So to avoid reality he ran away and came to Miguel Street. He is also at first seen as a happy person. He also creates a fake identity of himself for self-amusement. He shows off his prosperity in life and his status as a carpenter. However, when his conflict comes up the readers and the other characters in Miguel Street get to see a new character of Popo. It is also from there the readers and the other characters learn about Popo. He is no longer a man to be envied and then he disappears from Miguel Street just like Bogart and beats the guy with whom his wife had run away.

He comes back to Miguel Street as a completely changed man. He starts working day and night at his carpentry and is no longer making the thing without a name. He even paints his house a bright green and red as though to express his new-found character. Eventually, his wife returns, takes up her old employment and Popo reverts to the old life of making the thing without a name. Miguel Street Analysis. Accessed October 11, Miguel Street Analysis Topics: Other.

Analysis, Pages 5 words. Get quality help now. Proficient in: Other. Cite this page Miguel Street Analysis. Recent essay samples. Avoid submitting plagiarized assignments. Not Finding What You Need? Copying content is not allowed on this website. Ask a professional expert to help you with your text. ASK writer for help. Give us your email and we'll send you the essay you need. Send me the sample. By clicking Send Me The Sample you agree to the terms and conditions of our service. We'll not send you spam or irrelevant messages. I myself know never to get into serious violence. To other kids that message will help them pull through in their dreams. Alissa P. The book We Beat the Streets I thought was good book.

When I was reading it I was almost always hanging off them edge of my seat. The parts in the book that I liked the most were when the three boys were young. Corey B. I really enjoyed the book for they dreamed and accomplished the impossible. The three doctors grew up together, learned together, and experienced together. My favorite character was Sampson who went to the dentists and realized how awesome it was and wanted to be one. I hope that this book changes the way people feel about their future and their career. I think they were, and are amazing. What do you want to be? They had a lot of mischief and trouble. The book it- self was fun to read because it was not to hard to read and it was not that long of a book too.

Even though the book was good the documentary was not that good. I thought it was too long and not that interesting. Adam C. These three kids defeated all odds fighting for what they believed in and what they wanted for what they believed in to be come doctors and dentists from the street. One thing I really liked about the book was that it was so detailed that I could really imagine that I was there with them.

Also I would like to say that they need to make a movie based on the book and not a Documentary. Further more I liked the book. Mike G. I would rather a fiction and action types of books. Some parts were good like when Sampson and his friends try to steal some drinks, and when Sampson is sent to prison for robbing a drug dealer and was charged with using a gun. Nick L. Comparing what they said about their hometown to my hometown around my neighborhood I would say that my hometown is like heaven because their town sounds pretty violent. This book makes me want to try harder to get to college and overcome everything that could ruin my life especially if I want to be in the MLB. Ryan O. It sent out very powerful messages that were inspiring for a lot of readers.

Even though life was hard for each of the three boys living in Newark, they all found a way to dodge obstacles and the challenges that they faced. The doctors were three very inspirational people that showed the world that if you work hard you can accomplish anything Meghan P. The book We Beat the Street is a great book that will keep you on the edge of your seat. This book has enough action and violence but at the same time is very peaceful message. This book is about three friends make a friendship pact to get them through the hard times they are facing. They live in a ghetto neighborhood and it is very hard for them to resist drugs and violence and at the same time they must keep up with school.

Michael C. This was a great book! I enjoyed it a lot. One of the most shocking scenes for me was when some younger children came to visit the college. This surprised me because he was only ten and planning on selling drugs on the street. This was so shocking I had to read it over again. When her son got money to take pictures he needed. He gave it to her so that his mother could pay the bill so his family could have the electricity turned back on. It shows how these three doctors overcame obstacles and became successful and reached their goals of becoming doctors. Emma G. The book We Beat the Streets was a great book because it shows you that you can achieve what seems to be the impossible for the three boys when they were young.

Nicholas C. We Beat the Street is about 3 boys Sampson, George and Remeck who are trying to accomplish their dreams of being doctors. It all started one day when Sampson was in a local park in the ghetto. The place was full of trash and every thing was messed up. Sampson, his older brother and friends decided to clean it up. When Sampson was picking up a concrete slab it became too heavy and he dropped it on his foot. His foot soon later became swollen and bruised; he could hardly get his shoe of.

His mother brought him to the hospital. Sampson found the x-rays really cool. From that day on he wanted to be a doctor. When George was little he had the privilege of going to the dentist. While his teeth were being examined he got to help. George always thought it was very cool and decided to become a dentist. Remeck did not know what he wanted to be but with the encouragement and support he decided to become a doctor.

All three men all became great doctor and idols. Elizabeth H. The book was great because it was true and it inspired me to do better in school. My favorite part of the story was when they were all cleaning up the park and Sampson dropped the boulder on his foot and he went to the hospital and got it checked out by the doctor and was fascinated how he was doing it.

Then after that he went back to school and worked hard and became a doctor, witch inspired me a lot too and that is what made me love the book and do better in school. Patrick C. I think that the novel We Beat The Street is a very well written book. I say this because it shows a lot real life situations that can happen as a young adult going through high school or college, especially being located in a bad neighborhood. This book could be inspiring to someone who needs to read it.

I give it a thumbs up. Sean L. We Beat the Streets was designed to teach kids about many life experiences. It showed kids how to make it through tough times and situations. The book taught people through life experiences that the characters went through. The experiences in the book were not things that many people go through but it tells people to be aware of those sorts of things around them and to be careful of the milder situations that they are influenced by. This book was really interesting and exciting so it was easy to pay attention most of the time which makes it a good choice to be read by a large amount of kids to read because everyone can relate to it.

I really enjoyed reading, watching the movie, and writing about the book. Anna C. It was a book with scary moments and good cliffhangers. It was a story of hardwork, determination, and effort towards a life beyond the murder and drug abuse of the streets. They got distracted at some points from their major goal by drugs, rapping immorality, and bad influences. The second half of this story is what everybody should strive for. Tyler K. After reading the book We Beat the Street I thought it was a good book and was exciting. I think it was exciting how Rameck, Gorge, and Sam had to over come getting in trouble and they became doctors and made a pact.

I was cool reading about there lives and what they did to stay on the right track. I liked reading about how they got in fights and trouble and would get out of them safe without being stupid. I thought it was funny when they stole the cash when they were little and the guy got really mad when he saw them take it. In closing that was what I thought about reading the book We Beat the Street. Chris J. When they got out of college how they work in the community where they grow up in is so great. All of them bad choices, but they are good people. Joe C. George, Sampson, and Davis all grew up in a place, which was full of violence and trouble. So, going to college and staying out of trouble was hard and rare. The three boys got in trouble but always got past it and were giving second chances.

They got past the drugs, violence, and crime and achieved more than most kids they group up with. This was made possible by their families, Carla the women who helped them through college and the pack they made. That is why this quote means so much and is so important to this story. Aliza N. I think its awful that Rameck was pulled over by police for committing the newest crime, driving while black. Olivia C. I liked the book We Beat The Street. I especially liked some of the quotes from it because I thought they made good sense and had a good meaning.

It shows that even if you fail at the small things you can still succeed at the major things. Mary G. We Beat the Street is an awesome book because it has action and is creepy. They are cool but they can get into a lot of trouble. They have a lot of problems with other people. Some people try to get them to buy drugs, smoke, and hurt people. Matt S. My favorite incident was with Rameck. They sold this guy drugs on school grounds and told him not to smoke it on school property. Then they found the guy smoking behind a dumpster on the school property. They beat the guy up really bad. The guy was on his knees suffering when they picked the guy up.

I thought they were going to help him and let him go, but Rameck took out a knife and stabbed the guy in the leg. I liked that part because it was filled with action and it was unexpected. In closing that was my favorite incident in the book. Matt K. We Beat the Streets was a great book. It brought an awesome message to Silver Lake. I thought that all the characters seemed to be going through the same types of things. This made them able to connect with each other very well. I connected to this book more than I thought I would. It was just an amazing experience. It had so many dramatic and action scenes.

Not only that but also funny and happy scenes. Laura P. I liked the book because it was very interesting and helpful. I think a lot of kids and maybe even teenagers and young adults can really relate to this book. It was great that they stayed together and stuck to their dreams. They are very good influences. I think many kids who read this book will really think about what their going to do from now on. Rameck, George, and Sampson all showed what could really happen if you set your mind on something no matter where you come from, how you grew up, or what anyone else says. Emily F. The book We Beat the Streets was a good book. I like how the chapter titles went into the story and it made you question yourself on what is going to happen. At the end of the chapters it was cool to sort of have a conversation with the doctors and how they give you advice.

I have never read a book that gave as much knowledge as this one. This book gives so much knowledge and it influences you about your future! Vanessa B. We Beat The Streets We beat the street was a book where 3 boys overcame obstacles and became doctors. They got in a lot of trouble on the way. They made some bad choices that could have ruined everything they worked for. This book is about how a pact led 3 boys to success. Matt E. We Beat the Street was a very good book and it taught me two important lessons. The first lesson it taught me was to never give up no matter what happens.

George, Rameck, and Sampson faced some tough challenges and in some situations, one of the boys ended up in jail. That did not stop them from continuing on with their dream and they graduated from college. Look at them now; they are all successful doctors. The other lesson I learned was to choose your friends wisely. If you choose friends that will support you and share your dreams, you will get further in life.

But, if you chose friends that will encourage you to do the wrong thing, and put you down, and not help you with what you want to do, you will not have a good future ahead of you. They helped each other make it to where they are now. Without each others help, they might have not carried on their dream, and made it this far. Amelia D. I personally liked the scene when Rameck and his friends beat up the drug addict because, well he deserved it. So Rameck, Train, and the others beat up the addict. Then they all go to jail.

Jaymz W. I enjoyed the story We Beat the Streets. The story is about kids who live in the streets of Newark trying to not become another statistic. The kids face drugs, guns, robbery and even death. The story is showing that you can do any thing you put your mind to. My favorite parts of the story are when the 3 kids learn what they want to become because of a life changing event.

The story is amazing because the stuff they face is incredible to face at such a young age. The part when the 12 year old boy gets in a car chase and hits a pole and dies is amazing. All in all I enjoyed We Beat the Streets. The three doctors came from a very violent background and a drug filled childhood. There was also a lot of death where they grew up. For example kids were beating up druggies for smoking on school property after they told them not to. One time in the book Sampson, Rameck, and George were playing sponge ball which is like baseball with a sponge.

A drug dealer took the bat and beat up another druggie mercilessly right in front of them. As you can see, the three doctors came from a very different background than you and me. Matt B. This book was amazing. It taught me so many things that I know I will use later on in life. One lesson was to follow your dreams. These men made a pact to follow their dreams and never stop. They came from a city with the highest crime rate in the United States and now made a better life for themselves. Also in this book you got to see the affects of drugs robbery and crime. They had no money because the mom used it to buy drugs so all there food was going bad and they were going to loose their house.

But these men came above it all and did well in school and now are making money for themselves and are doing well in life. They said most of their childhood friends are either in jail or dead. They may have done some bad things but we all have and they know they have and they have learned from their mistakes. These three brave men helped me get through rough times. It gives me the need to follow through. Anna K. The book We Beat the Streets is influential with a meaning. The meaning is you can do anything you want to do if you believe you can. It influences people to believe in themselves to get a good education. This was good and it keeps readers guessing what will happen next. The chapter titles where what kept readers guessing the most.

Do you? Nick P. We Beat the Streets was a very good book. I think, it was good because the book was really inspiriting, it was inspiring because they lived in a bad and poor town but they still managed to get good grades and graduated high school, college and now they are called the three doctors. Olivia R. Now today they are doctors with nice homes, nice cars and plenty of money to help their families. It is truly amazing how far they have come.

Joshua B. I thought that We Beat the Street was an okay book. It sent a message to so many kids about all the violence and drugs that need to be fixed. One time one characters stabbed a man when he was smoking something illegal by an elementary school. All in all, the book We Beat the Street was a pretty good book with a powerful message. Mara C. They proved that anyone can do what they want to do in life. This book really influenced me to try hard and never give up on what it is I want to do in life. This book really made me open my eyes and see that people have it worse than others do in this world. This book also made me think twice before I act in a situation being something that is really bad and do the right thing.

Jolyssa O. The incidents in this We Beat the Street were pretty cool. My favorite one was when Sampson Davis got his foot crushed by a piece of concrete. I thought that was a little extreme to be doing when you are eight years old even though his neighborhood pressures him to do so. This was when George had a dentist appointment. That always amazed me. These are three incidents I liked in the story We Beat the Street. Maggie D. We Beat the Streets was a great and inspiring novel. They wound up at a Seton Hall meeting for high school graduates who wanted to go to college. From then on, they learned that the streets were hard and the needed to defeat them, and the crime they hold. They kept their goals in their view, but slipped on them a couple times. If college is a big deal for a kid growing up in Newark, then there are three big deals living there today.

Sampson, George, and Rameck are important and should be remembered because they got through high school, college, and plenty more years of going to school. Through their success, the three doctors learned that nothing can stop them, as well as you. They beat the streets through many difficulties, and are now living in Newark as doctors. Read this book if you want inspiration. I know I got at least a little! Annalee D. Theses friends had a dream they all wanted to become doctors. They graduated school and became doctors their friendship pact lead to their success. Theses three doctors sent out powerful messages to the readers like never give up and keep on trying. Those three doctors succeeded when they followed their dream so that helped me realized if I chased my dream and I wanted it bad enough that I could succeed in it to.

This book might have inspired many kids to chase their dreams too! Melanie H. I think the three men were trying to make a statement to every reader. After you achieve those goals you set new goals and keep trying. The three doctors were trying to tell the readers more messages too. One of them was to think or say before you act because one little word or wrong thing you do can change everything. They also said not to give in to peer pressure if what they are doing or telling what to do is bad.

They also say it is good to always make new friends and make a friendship and stick together and help a friend that is down or a friend that is always there for them. Matthew M. I thought that this was a great book. One thing that influenced me the most was when Sampson was in tenth grade and he turned down the wooly with the cocaine and the tobacco. I also liked George as a character because he never really minded people thinking of him as the smart kid. He would just do what was best for him to keep his grades up.

That showed me the dangers of doing drugs and why they say how drugs are nothing but trouble. I also thought that when Rameck stabbed the crack head for smoking on the school grounds was bad, but should have taught the man a lesson because what would happen if I was in pre-school or something and I found drugs lying all over the place. I would be clueless. Nathaniel W. He loved his new college. But this one little incident could change it all.

He was so thankful for the family and he knew that he was never going to do that stupid of a thing ever in his life. After that he started a whole new chapter of his life. That incident gave him hope and faith because he knew if he get through that he get through anything. Conor S. This book explains that life can change and so can people.

We use cookies to give you Character Analysis: We Beat The Street best Character Analysis: We Beat The Street possible. Character Analysis: We Beat The Street if Character Analysis: We Beat The Street commit a crime or messed Character Analysis: We Beat The Street Personal Statement: Gaining College Life so In this book, it shows how three friends, George, Rameck, and Sam, achieved their dreams and goals by becoming doctors. I thought it a very strong point that Rameck Theme Of Abuse Of Power In Animal Farm have had his dreams derailed at least twice if not for the understanding of people like his biology teacher and the student he Character Analysis: We Beat The Street in college - people he had Character Analysis: We Beat The Street wronged, but who chose not to destroy his future with vindictiveness. These TpT credits can be redeemed and used toward future purchases! These three brave men helped me get through rough times. They Character Analysis: We Beat The Street up at a Seton Hall meeting Character Analysis: We Beat The Street high school graduates Character Analysis: We Beat The Street wanted to go to college. May 11, Lisa rated it it Character Analysis: We Beat The Street ok.

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