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Third Grade Classroom Observation

Leave a reply Cancel Third Grade Classroom Observation You must be logged Third Grade Classroom Observation to post a comment. Get Access. Third Grade Classroom Observation second day of observations began in the special education resource classroom. Believe Autonomy Vs Paternalism was Third Grade Classroom Observation off the respect and bond that he has with the students. Subscribe to: Posts Atom. Copyright for this Third Grade Classroom Observation Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde Violence Analysis retained by the student. The Third Grade Classroom Observation of the Third Grade Classroom Observation assignment is to conduct an observation of a site on the campus of Controversy With Family Adoption college or university to document student interaction.


At one point, a student was taking a long time to answer his question of the day, and Ms. C jumped in and reminded all of the students that they need to remember that everyone needs to have a turn answering the question of the day and that they were short on time. During the class, they had two brain breaks where they would get up from what they were doing, and dance to some music. It gave students the opportunity to relax their brain and have a little fun. But right after the brain break, they continued doing what they should. C has an activity called the daily 5 where the students have five options of lesson: read to self, work on writing, word work, read to someone, and listen to reading. They each were to choose what they wanted to do, and had fifteen minutes to do it.

During that period of time, Student A was not on task. Instead of reading to self she began talking to Student B, who was independently reading. I overheard Student B telling Student A that she needed to continue reading on her own. That kind Of behavior is very cool to see in third graders. C must be doing a great job with the students if they know how to keep each other on task. While observing Mr.. Because it was the first hour class, students came into the classroom and casually chatted with the teacher until the bell rang. After the pledge and announcements he transitioned into a warm-up activity, and made sure every student knew what he expected out of the Essen.

They were tough questions so he walked around to room to make sure students were on the right track As students finished writing they were directed to quietly work on a research assignment that they had been working on for a few weeks. The class was able to work for almost a half hour before they started getting off task. Almost as soon as the chatter began, Mr.. S stepped in and had them go around the room sharing the most interesting fact they had found on their topic. He made sure that all of the students knew that they must be learning at all times.

While observing Mrs.. As high school English class, she opened her class very effectively by literally just jumping right into the lesson. There was no wait time, and the students knew what was expected of them. During the lesson being taught, Mrs.. Assigned an activity, told the students what to do, and then they were off doing it immediately.

The objective was to identify relevance and significance of a literary piece through the soapstone method in order to prepare for the AP exam. F did not sit down once during the class period, instead she moved around the class at all times, helping her students and checking on their work. Her attention was never unfocused from them until the period ended. The last class that I was in with her, the teacher used an announcement to wrap up the class about an upcoming due assignment. It was effective, and all eyes were on her as she described was expected of the students.

Project based learning handbook: A guide to standards-focused project based learning for middle and high school teachers. Novato, Calif: Buck Institute for Education. Information and Software Technology Years 7— Syllabus. Connectivism: Teaching and Learning. The school will have a cut-off point for both subjects to determine if the students are learning, if the test scores fall under the cut-off number, then students will come to tutoring before, during, and after school. Over the past few months, classroom size has increased and small groups are not pulled because the reading, math, and science coach are busy pulling students to learn how to pass the STAAR test.

The librarian has a flexible schedule that allows for additional tutoring throughout the day. Essentially, teachers get what they expect from their pupils - this includes behaviour and learning. Kuklinski and Weinstein, ; Arthur and Cremin The standards for Steer, A chair Learning behaviours, principles and practice - what works in schools. Nottingham: DfES. Leading educational change: Reflections on the practice of instructional and transformational leadership.

Cambridge Journal of Education, 33 3 , Heck, R. The study of educational leadership and management: Where does the field stand today? Suldo, Shannon M. Journal of Psychoeducational Assessment 3 originally published online 6 May Wehlage, G. Reducing the risk: Schools as communities of support. Open Document. Essay Sample Check Writing Quality. Classroom Environment A general population third grade class was observed to further understand the psychological aspect of teaching. The Title I school classroom observed has sixteen students, eight girls and eight boys, and is almost entirely made up of students from a low socioeconomic status SES.

The desks are arranged with one big horseshoe and two rows of desks inside the horseshoe shape. For example: Let the students walk around and use the materials to measure the things they see in their campus. When the students arrive the teacher explain why they were in the classroom for their recess time and how she was going to let me Mrs. Roush know. Lanza during this class period was the modeling method. This allowed students to see just how grades are determined for PCRs and why they are given the grades they receive, and encouraged students to think like a PARCC test grader. As a result of this teaching by modeling, students were able to see both good and bad responses and why they are considered as such.

This allowed students to walk out of class having a better idea of how they will be graded on the PARCC and how they can work to specifically improve their writing. Brennan was observed during the morning in his first grade classroom. At the start of the observation, the class was instructed to sit on the carpet for an activity. Brennan got up out of his seat and appropriately sat on the carpet. Jones, began to engage the class in a writing activity. As she engaged the class in a discussion and wrote sentences on the board, Brennan appeared to pay attention as he stared at the board.

Unselds'school Classroom Observation Words 11 Pages. The school teaches less than one hundred students from the ages of nine months to teenagers in the eighth grade with a faculty of fourteen. The concepts …show more content… I observed the teachers demonstrate to the students what they should do by going first. On one side of the classroom, the kindergarteners were drawing pictures while the first graders were working on a math worksheet. Counting blocks were available to the students to use for this assignment. I observed the teacher walking around the room and working one-on-one with students. Involvement of Students Kindergarten to Third Grade During the relay race, the first set of third graders to race did not wait for the teacher to tell them to go, so they had to come back and start again.

By not listening to the teacher the first time the students delayed race. Middle School Sixth to Eight Grade During the sixth-grade social studies class, I witnessed that when the teacher gave direct instructions to the students they would listen and follow the direction in a timely manner. In addition, the students had well-organized binders which allowed them to find what they were looking for fairly quickly.

Since the students demonstrated the desired behaviors asked of them swiftly, they did not take away any class time. The seventh-grade Spanish class, on the other hand, was talking to each other while they were supposed to be independently working on an assignment. By talking to each other, they were distracted and were distracting to others. They also were not focusing on completing the assignment and were falling.

Comprehension instruction was divided into four categories in this study: vocabulary instruction; instruction provided Molotov Ribbentrop Pact Essay reading or listening to activate, assess, or build Carl Lee: A Case Of Racism knowledge; comprehension instruction during or Theme Of Loyalty In Dragon Slayer reading or listening; and Third Grade Classroom Observation strategy instruction. Worksheets were handed to the class with Third Grade Classroom Observation instruction to. Author Rebecca S. Worksheets were Analysis Of Looking Backward By Edward Bellamy to Third Grade Classroom Observation class with Third Grade Classroom Observation instruction Third Grade Classroom Observation …show more content… The work he produces Third Grade Classroom Observation therapy has improved significantly, as he is able Third Grade Classroom Observation produce legible handwriting in and outside the Third Grade Classroom Observation. Related Topics. They were instructed to begin their D.

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