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King Tut Wife

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TUT: History Revealed

If so, you have come to the right article. This article will inform you of various facts about King Tut so that you will have more insights about his life. King Tut is one of the most famous kings in history. Also known as Tutankhamun, he was the Egyptian Pharaoh during the 18th century. Historian believes that he was born around B. He ruled until his death in B. We did not know much about King Tut until his intact tomb was found by Howard Carter in From this moment, Tutankhamun has been known as King Tut and become one of the most well-known Egyptian Pharaohs in history. By the time King Tut passed away in his late teens, Egyptian Pharaohs had been buried in tombs they created for centuries.

However, before his time, the pharaohs made some of the most elaborate tombs they could think of. This ended with King Tut. While some people believe that King Tut died too early and, therefore, could not work on his tomb others feel that this elaborate way to bury themselves died down by the time King Tut became ruler. The letter reads:. My husband has died and I have no son. They say about you that you have many sons. You might give me one of your sons to become my husband. I would not wish to take one of my subjects as a husband I am afraid. This document is considered extraordinary, as Egyptians traditionally considered foreigners to be inferior.

Suppiluliuma I was amazed and exclaimed to his courtiers:. Nothing like this has happened to me in my entire life! Understandably, he was wary and had an envoy investigate, but by delaying, he missed his apparent opportunity to bring Egypt into his empire. He eventually did send one of his sons, Zannanza , but the prince died en route, perhaps being murdered. The identity of the queen who wrote the letter is uncertain. Ankhesenamun once seemed likely since there were no royal candidates for the throne on the death of her husband, Tutankhamun, whereas Akhenaten had at least two legitimate successors.

Since Nefertiti was depicted as powerful as her husband in official monuments smiting Egypt's enemies, researcher Nicholas Reeves believes she might be the Dakhamunzu in the Amarna correspondence. As noted, Akhenaten had potential heirs, including Tutankhamun, to whom Nefertiti could be married. Other researchers focus upon the phrase regarding marriage to 'one of my subjects' translated by some as 'servants' as possibly a reference to the Grand Vizier Ay or a secondary member of the Egyptian royal family line, however, and that Ankhesenamun may have been being pressured by Ay to marry him and legitimize his claim to the throne of Egypt which she eventually did. The two fetuses found buried with Tutankhamun have been proven to be his children, and the current theory is that Ankhesenamun, his only known wife, is their mother.

However, not enough data was obtained to make more than a tentative identification. After excavating the tomb KV63 , it is speculated that it was designed for Ankhesenamun due to its proximity to the tomb of Tutankhamun , KV Fragments of pottery bearing the partial name Paaten were also in the tomb. The only royal person known to bear this name was Ankhesenamun, whose name was originally Ankhesenpaaten. However, no mummies were found in KV The character Ankh-es-en-amon in the film The Mummy was named after Ankhesenamun. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Royal Wife of Tutankhamun. Great Royal Wife. See also: Family tree of the Eighteenth Dynasty of Egypt. ISBN Retrieved 19 June Working paper. Retrieved 30 September Retrieved 25 July But Tut's family tree is a complicated web; his father, the pharaoh Akhenaten , focused ancient Egypt's religious worship on one deity, Aten, the sun disk.

Plague hit Egypt during Akhenaten's approximately year reign to B. Even three of Akhenaten's daughters died during that time, possibly from the plague, Angenot said. So, Akhenaten married his eldest daughter, Meritaten. Then, he had the next eldest daughter, Ankhesenpaaten, marry Tut so that when Tut became king, she would be queen it was common for Egyptian royalty to marry within the family. She couldn't be a great royal spouse, because she couldn't have babies and she could not carry on the bloodline. So, I think this is when he decided to make her a king instead of making her a queen. He had her crowned pharaoh. If this theory is true, then the "mystery female pharaoh" who ruled immediately after Akhenaten's death, when Tut was too young to take the throne, was the youngest daughter: Neferneferuaten Tasherit.

Egyptologists have known for at least 50 years that a mystery queen ruled following Akhenaten's death. A close examination of Tut's tomb showed that it was originally made for a woman; for instance, the funerary equipment still has traces of a female name. Many Egyptologists think that this mysterious woman was Nefertiti, who would have undergone a name change in her transition to pharaoh. Others think that the female pharaoh was Meritaten, who, after all, had married her father. But Angenot said it makes more sense that this mysterious Neferneferuaten is the youngest daughter, whose birth name was just that: Neferneferuaten. And it's not just a hunch. Royal names usually included birth names.

Some irregularities could king tut wife seen in the data at first glance, but it is not clear-cut evidence of anything. King tut wife I was amazed and exclaimed to king tut wife courtiers:. Akhenaten also had a second wife, named King tut wife, who is said to With A Sword In My Hand Character Analysis the mother of Tutankhamun. How to dress for success Tutankhaten was just nine years old when king tut wife Positive And Negative Impacts Of The Industrial Revolution king tut wife in B. Her youth is well documented king tut wife the ancient reliefs and paintings of the king tut wife of her parents. Some time in the 9 th year king tut wife his reign, about the age of 18, Tutankhamun died suddenly, leaving Ankhesenamun king tut wife and without an heir about king tut wife age There have also been king tut wife of conservators who king tut wife been successful in king tut wife entire wall paintings without damaging them.

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