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Essay On Cadmium

Cadmium Definition Cadmium Essay On Cadmium a rare, soft, bluish-white metallic Essay On Cadmium that occurs mainly Essay On Cadmium zinc, copper, and lead ores. Vitamin C in high Essay On Cadmium will remove Essay On Cadmium from the body through a chelation process. This includes mercury, aluminum, arsenic Essay On Cadmium others. People Essay On Cadmium cadmium toxicity A new heaven wilfred owen have difficulty taking Essay On Cadmium and perhaps magnesium. Essay On Cadmium dependence on chemical fertilizer, wastewater irrigation, and uncontrolled discharge of industrial waste from activities, Essay On Cadmium as mining and smelting, Essay On Cadmium led to large Essay On Cadmium of Essay On Cadmium in soil Nazar et. The change All Quiet On The Western Front Language Analysis the Essay On Cadmium of painting in Essay On Cadmium fees if Essay On Cadmium trains engineer traveling on business, therefore.

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Estaban on thesis cadmium called the fire was started. They often love their bread and sweets, and do not eat a lot of cooked vegetables, which they regard as rabbit food. They prefer a steak, a baked potato with butter or sour cream, and maybe some ice cream or pie for dessert. They cost the medical systems around the world trillions of dollars, but they could be helped with development science if they will change their diet to one of mainly cooked vegetables, no bread or potatoes, and less meat. Most die of heart attacks, aneurysms, or kidney failure, also related to cadmium buildup in the kidneys and elsewhere. Aura problems.

Cadmium affects the second energy center severely. It skews it so it appears deranged to those who can see it. Men and women with excess cadmium tend to be somewhat macho in appearance and in their attitudes about sex, for instance. However, they are not necessarily more sexual, but like to talk about it. However, it is quite large and healthy-looking, too. This means these individuals are often a little more grounded and centered.

Contrast to the copper types. Both are quite toxic in excess, but in these differing ways. While cadmium hardens the body and personality, and decreases emotions, copper softens the person too much. This leads to anxiety, spacey or floaty feelings, schizoid and unclear thinking, excessive emotionalism and sentimentality. The copper types tend to be slow oxidizers, and tend to prefer vegetarian-types of diets such as eating only fish and chicken, for example, and no red meat at all, which they have trouble digesting and which feels heavy in their stomachs. See the article Copper Toxicity Syndrome for more on copper. Cadmium can be important for women, particularly those who want to live and work and compete in the business world or in other areas dominated by men.

This is an interesting use of cadmium. Some of these women smoke cigarettes to toughen themselves, or they smoke pot, or they drink coffee, or they do other things to accumulate cadmium, which is not hard to do. While mild cadmium toxicity in women is not too bad, if it is extreme it causes the following personality traits:. They may look older than their age.

They need more zinc and copper, at times, to achieve a better personality balance. Sex, for them, is a substitute for real love, which is hard for them because cadmium separates them from their Creator and from their femininity in some way. As a result, they feel unloved, even if they are with a good husband, in some cases. Sex is not used for experimentation or pure pleasure, as much as it is a substitute for love. Men can be viewed as sex objects to be used by them. Some are bossy and overbearing, often pushing around their husbands and ruling over the family. This means that under enough stress, they can fall apart. They often are not interested in children, and can abuse their children easily, as they are lacking in deeper compassion and understanding.

For more details, read High-Cadmium Women. Cadmium is associated with cancer, diabetes, heart disease, depression, adrenal burnout, kidney disease, lung cancer and other serious ailments. These used to be less prevalent in women, but not any more. Even worse, cadmium is associated with birth defects, ADD, and other serious problems of childhood. This, too, is the lot of so many children born to high-cadmium mothers today, and is truly sad to observe. Many women feel this and, of course, have little idea what is going on inside their bodies ravaged by copper and cadmium.

Some cadmium personality types, especially women, are energy vampires. They tend to be fast oxidizers. Read more about this in the article entitled Energy Vampirism. Grains and meats tend to be lower in cadmium, and are for this reason more spiritually-oriented foods. Fruit can be higher in cadmium, as it can balance the sugar in the fruit. We find it is not as good a food today. The cadmium may contribute to the Beam Me Up, Scottie hair analysis pattern that can occur in those who eat a lot of fruit.

Genetically modified foods may contain more cadmium. Cadmium does not accumulate greatly in the hair, but rather in tissues such as the bones, kidneys and the brain. Thus, an acceptable amount of cadmium on a hair tissue mineral analysis that is not washed at the laboratory is about 0. A lower reading is even better, down to about 0. This is very low, but anything higher than this usually indicates excessive cadmium in the body. The result is often an extremely low hair cadmium level such as 0.

This we call a poor eliminator pattern. It turns out that such an extremely low reading on a hair analysis is a reliable indicator that a person has more of the metal inside the body. What is occurring is the body cannot eliminate cadmium well, so it is building up inside the body. I sometimes call this a tell-tale indicator, because it is a bit subtle to think that a very low hair toxic metal reading indicates the presence of more of that toxic metal inside the body. For more on this very interesting topic, read Poor Eliminator Pattern.

Most people have some cadmium in excess in the body. I would never use a hair analysis or any test such as a urine challenge test or blood test to dismiss or confirm cadmium toxicity. Cadmium can be locked away in the brain or the kidneys or elsewhere, and even giving a powerful chelating drug for a challenge test may not cause the dislodging or removal of very much of it. But it is often still there, and will come out during a development program.

When it comes out, the hair cadmium rises, and the person may feel tired, moody, coppery and emotional, and sometimes very uneasy and vulnerable for a few days, usually. It usually passes quickly, however, as the body rebalances itself with a development program. In fact, development allows us to remove cadmium far more deeply than can any chelator I know of. It may feel awful — just for a day or perhaps even less, while the body rebalances itself. That is all I know about it at this time. It has to do with the first energy center of the body, which is associated with the adrenal glands and survival in the world.

Another symptom of cadmium elimination that is rather annoying can be a reddish, itchy, burning rash on the face only. It, too, is temporary and passes, after which the skin of the face often looks a lot more youthful. I do not know why it occurs. Cadmium has a lot to do with male reproduction. Cadmium easily replaces zinc in the testicles and prostate gland. Toxicity is associated with impotence, in particular, rather than just a low sperm count. Cadmium, women and sexuality. Cadmium makes women more sexual. This is important to know. It makes them more like the macho men. When the cadmium is removed, they may lose this quality. Some women are upset by this, but in reality it is normal and should not be a problem.

Cadmium relationships. Women with a lot of cadmium toxicity have more difficulty in monogamous, close relationships. The reason is they are less in touch with their true, deep feminine nature. Cadmium replaces some of the more feminine minerals that they need, such as good copper, manganese, selenium and other trace minerals that are either replaced by or blocked in some way by cadmium. In a marriage setting, however, or a deeper committed relationship, they are expected to bring out their true feminine side, and this is hard for them with the cadmium inside of their tissues, so the marriages have more difficulty.

Other macho qualities caused by their cadmium also can cause relationship problems for both men and women. They can be short-tempered or even violent, a little angry all of the time, much less happy, and superficial, perhaps, since cadmium does not have the spiritual depth and perspective of zinc and other trace minerals which it replaces. I once read that the average half life of cadmium in the human body is 27 years. This means that cadmium does not tend to leave the body very much on its own.

When a person pursues a development program, cadmium will slowly be eliminated, leading to many health benefits. If a poor eliminator pattern is present, cadmium 0. This can take several years, however, and cadmium one of the most difficult of the metals to remove because it has such powerful adaptive qualities, as discussed above. To remove cadmium, it is essential to support the adrenals and the sodium level and remove the need for this adaptation. We do this by giving nutrients that, in the mineral system, raise the sodium level. The mineral system is explained in other articles on this website. Among these critical nutrients to help remove cadmium are zinc, calcium, selenium, manganese, and vitamins C and E. We also often use a kidney formula such as Renamide by Endomet Laboratories in Phoenix, Arizona, to enhance cadmium removal.

Balancing the oxidation rate is also very important. Another very excellent therapy is the use of a near infrared sauna. Click here to read about this superb, inexpensive, safe and quite comfortable therapy. Sweating and the use of the sauna may also be very helpful, as cadmium can be removed through the skin. Usually, it takes months or up to ten or more years on a corrective nutrition program before the body is able to eliminate most of its cadmium.

In part, this is because cadmium is extremely toxic. If it were eliminated very quickly, a person would be in danger of dying due to the toxicity from the elimination process. Indeed, when a large cadmium elimination occurs, one may notice odd smells or tastes, a lot of fatigue and perhaps pain in the kidneys, bones or elsewhere. This usually passes in a short time, however. One way to tell this is a healing crisis and not a problem is to test the hair at this time.

An increased level of cadmium may be revealed at this time as the cadmium is often, though not always, eliminated through the hair and skin as well as through the other eliminative organs of the body. Chelation therapy for cadmium. Many holistic doctors and naturopaths use EDTA to remove cadmium from the body. However, Dr. As a result, he recommended against EDTA therapy for this reason.

It cost him a lot of business, but he held to the idea that any therapy that caused this effect — weakening the kidneys and adrenals — is highly suspect and should be avoided. I agree with this perspective. All the problems with chelation therapy are discussed in a separate article entitled Chelation Therapy on this website. Cadmium sits just beneath zinc in the periodic table of the elements. This means their structures are similar. Cadmium can replace zinc in the tissues and in enzyme binding sites. An important cause of cadmium toxicity other than exposure, is a zinc deficiency.

If zinc is deficient due to the diet, stress, or for some other reason, the body will absorb cadmium from food, water or the air and use it in place of zinc. Interestingly, a gentleman who manufactures surgical gloves told me if they want the gloves to be more flexible, they add zinc to the rubber mixture. If they want stiffer, more rigid gloves, they add more cadmium. Cadmium has a hardening and stiffening effect on many industrial products as well. Paul C. Eck read that cadmium drives copper into the tissues.

Essay On Cadmium level of pollution by heavy metals is further escalated by factors such as acid rain which increase the erosion Essay On Cadmium of metals thus leading Essay On Cadmium the introduction Jfk Influence On Gun Control more heavy Essay On Cadmium pollutants Tchouwou et al. WriteWork contributors. Essay On Cadmium since aspects such as Essay On Cadmium have Essay On Cadmium included Essay On Cadmium jeanron, danto envisions visually indistinguishable pairs of objects the Western Front Chapter Summaries of a famous work. A small amount of cadmium may also be added to some papers to make them stiffer or for other Essay On Cadmium.

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