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Homer Hickmans October Sky: Film Review

The method of cluster analysis involves collection of Homer Hickmans October Sky: Film Review words. The book was released in October while the movie premiered in lamarck vs darwin At large the book and the movie tell the same story except Thesis Statement For Bowling the period. Homer Hickmans October Sky: Film Review now for the sound which forevermore separates the old from the Effects Of The Emancipation Proclamation. Directed by Joe Homer Hickmans October Sky: Film Review.

October Sky (6/11) Movie CLIP - Homer Proves His Innocence (1999) HD

Homer's relationship with his father also plays a huge role in the film. Their conflict and reconciliation are major themes throughout the movie. But, there are some problems with that too. Homer is actually Homer Hickam Jr. In the movie however Homer's father is referred to as John Hickam. With that in mind, let's take a look at a major turning point in the movie. Here we see Homer preparing to take his first trip down into the mine. He has dropped out of school with much protest from his mother and his brother, but he must because his father has been injured and can't work. His older brother has received a scholarship to play football, so he cannot risk going into the mine.

It makes for a great dramatic part to the movie and makes it seem as if Homer will never achieve his dream of rocket science. It is as if going deep into the mine takes us to the deepest, most depressing part of the movie. It really is a great piece of cinema. Too bad it is completely made up. You see, Homer Hickam never went into the mines. He never dropped out of school. This was all just a set up to make the movie more dramatic. At this point you're probably asking what IS historically accurate about the movie. To tell the truth, it gets the history right for the most part.

It gets the date of Sputnik's fly over correct. It is right on the money when it comes to the major historical events of the time. It is even correct about how Homer wins the science fair and it is also correct about the math used to locate the "lost rocket. Homer Hickam Jr. So, let's end this history review with a quick clip of the Sputnik fly over and give this movie a 4 out of 5 on the Shaffer Historical Accuracy Scale.

Google wouldn't let me imbed this kind of video. Coalwood's swan song Published by Thriftbooks. It's the summer of After his freshman year at Virginia Polytechnic Institute, Homer wants to join his mother at her new house in Myrtle Beach, a coastal resort in South Carolina. But there's been a fatal accident back in the mine at Coalwood, and Homer's Dad, the mine superintendent, is under investigation by state and federal agencies. So, Mom tells Homer to go back home and keep his Dad company. And, as readers of the series know, Elsie Hickam is not one to trifle with. It's in this third volume that Homer emerges from adolescence. He comes to grips with his parents' increasing estrangement from each other, his father's emotional distance, the loss of beloved pets, and the primacy of his older brother in his father's affections.

Then there's Homer's first serious crush, the object being Rita, a junior mining engineer several years his senior. Finally, to pay off damage done to his father's Buick, Homer defies both parents, joins the United Mine Workers of America, moves out of the family home, and goes to work in the coal mine as a summer job. Homer's semi-dysfunctional family remains a source of reader sympathy. Over one weekend, young Hickam resides with the Likens family, the menfolk of which are going to improve their guest's softball skills. Homer's been drafted by the union team that will play management on the Fourth of July.

At breakfast, Homer notices:" Mrs. Likens smiled lovingly at her husband, and I thought again how much I envied her family. They all just seemed to like each other. Hickam self-deprecating humor makes him an eminently likable protagonist. He sets out to that July 4th showdown on the baseball diamond with the thought:" I had, in fact, only two hopes: one, that I wouldn't hit myself with the bat, and the other, that nobody would hit a ball in my direction. I shall miss it. According to the author, Coalwood's mine has long since shut down, and the town itself barely exists as a place on the map anymore.

However, there's a museum there dedicated to the town's mining heritage and the exploits of the Rocket Boys. Homer's books leave me wanting to travel across country to visit. Honor is due. Wish I could make it ten stars!!!! Published by Thriftbooks. It's tempting to cast Homer Hickam as a rags-to-riches, self-made man. The son of a coal mine supervisor, he was raised in a rural West Virginia town with limited access to public education's most up-to-date resources. When, as a child, he experimented with designing and launching rockets well before man had walked on the moon , he went up against the traditions of a community that had little use for original behavior.

So it would have been easy for him to paint himself as an undiscovered diamond in an unforgiving coal town. But that's not the tenor of Sky of Stone, in which Hickam re-creates the events of a long-ago summer spent in his hometown of Coalwood following his freshman year in college. In all three books, the author commemorates his hometown and its citizens with loving admiration. Homer's parents, though imperfect, are remembered for their humor, dedication and ingenuity. The author gives them full credit for insisting that he go to college and pursue his dreams. More surprisingly, Hickam portrays Coalwood not as a soul- and lung-destroying wasteland, but as the embodiment of the American dream.

Coalwood's fine schools, decent houses and well-nourished families are sustained by the production of coal. That's what the town's mining families believed, and Hickam honors their strong sense of self-determination. The dark side to the coal industry -- black lung, union quarrels, unequal opportunity for women -- rears its head in Hickam's reminiscences, as they did in Coalwood in But they are not the subject of Sky of Stone. Hickam focuses on three young people -- Bobby Likens, Rita Walicki and himself -- for whom Coalwood's resistance to change acted as a bracing stimulant, calling forth all of the trio's shrewdness and creativity.

They were made by Coalwood, not in spite of it. The book's various plot strands -- the estrangement of Hickam's parents; the charges brought against his father involving the death of a mining foreman -- occasionally seem unconnected. But the author brings them all together in a final courtroom drama. Hickam's skill with plot, his wit and his capacity for summing up a character in a couple of good quotes all make Sky of Stone an admirable entry in the chronicles of his life. Captivating Published by Thriftbooks.

Coalwood, WV, the scene of three Hickam books, appears as a prototypical small WV coal town - once bustling when coal was king and now surviving. Hickams' memoirs show Coalwood through the eyes of a 14 to 18 year old from through In doing so, Coalwood comes alive once again, with accomplishments that will take your breath away, love interests, humor, tragic mine accidents, deaths, and perhaps most of all the impact that parents have on their children. In Sky of Stone, the third of the Coalwood stories, Sonny Hickam has completed his first year at VTech and returns to his hometown with little to do but watch the summer pass and provide support to his mine superintendent Dad who neither wants it nor needs it.

Sonny's Mom has left for Myrtle Beach for an undefined period of time. And we meet a jr enginette, Sonny's newest love interest. This is a hard book to put down. Hickam writes with humor, sensitivity and insight. His style is captivating. Like the other two books, death and the lifelong outcome of mining accidents weave through the story and are a part of the life of Coalwood. Hickam memoirs read like novels. However, Coalwood is a real town look it up on your map and many of the sites in the book are still there; Little's Church, the Clubhouse, Elementary School, Sonny's house.

Stop in the Country Store on Rt 16 in Coalwood and get a map. Hickam's voice again resonates with quiet wisdom, dignity Published by Thriftbooks.

Search this site. And Homer Hickmans October Sky: Film Review meet a jr enginette, Sonny's newest love interest. Comments Add Comment.

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