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The Mother Gwendolyn Brooks Analysis

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Protest erupted again on September 23, the night after the grand jury verdict was announced, protesters gathered in the Jefferson Square Park area of Louisville, as well as many other cities in the United States, including Los Angeles, Dallas, Minneapolis, New York, Chicago, Seattle. The major catalyst of the unrest was the murder of George Floyd on May Though it was not the first controversial killing of a Black person in , [] it sparked a much wider series of global protests and riots which continued into August In Minneapolis—Saint Paul alone, the immediate aftermath of the killing of George Floyd was second-most destructive period of local unrest in United States history, after the Los Angeles riots.

The shooting of Jacob Blake on August 23 sparked protests in a number of American cities, mostly within Kenosha. A riot occurred in downtown Minneapolis in reaction to false rumors about the suicide of Eddie Sole Jr. On December 8, protesters in Portland gathered to blockade parts of the Humboldt Neighborhood in order to protect a family who had been evicted after living in said house for 65 years. Protesters blockaded the area similar to the Capitol Hill Occupied Protest. Approximately a thousand protesters outside a downtown Minneapolis courthouse as Chauvin's trial commenced on March 8, , to call for justice for Floyd and raise broader issues of racial injustice. Officials surrounded the facility with a concrete barrier, metal fencing, and barbed wire in anticipation of unrest.

Protests and rallies planned for the George Floyd Square were halted for several days after a fatal shooting there on March 6, On March 28, , the day before opening statements in the trial of Derek Chauvin, several rallies and protests were held in Minneapolis. Separately, protesters marched in downtown Minneapolis to demand justice for Floyd and rallied at the Hennepin County Government Center and City Hall, and some demonstrators parked cars on the Metro light-rail tracks, which closed train traffic for several hours. At 38th and Chicago Avenue, the street intersection where Floyd was killed, a group of people held a training workshop at the square on how to avoid arrest and keep calm if detained by police.

On March 16, , a series of mass shootings occurred at three spas in metropolitan Atlanta , Georgia , United States. Eight people were killed, six of whom were Asian women. A suspect, year-old Robert Aaron Long, was taken into custody later that day. Several of the rallies are named "Stop Asian Hate". On April 11, , at p. His girlfriend, a passenger in his car, was also injured. An initially peaceful demonstration at the scene of the shooting turned violent following a strengthened police presence, and looting was reported. Winston Boogie Smith, a year-old Black man, was shot and killed by law enforcement authorities on June 3, , as they attempted to apprehend him at a parking ramp in the Uptown neighborhood of Minneapolis.

Protests following the killing began on June 3 and continued for several days, primarily in Uptown. Local organization Communities United Against Police Brutality held a press conference near the shooting site on June 4 to call for officials to release video footage and other details of the shooting. Marshal, Ramona Dohman, calling for her resignation. Armstrong alleged that Dohman, a Trump administration appointee, had a conflict of interest due to a past working relationship with the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension.

On June 13, , a man drove a car into a crowd of demonstrators who had gathered as a part of the ongoing Winston Boogie Smith protests, killing Deona M. Knajdek and injuring three others. CDT , a man in a Jeep Cherokee drove into the crowd at a high speed, striking a parked vehicle that had been used to block off the intersection to traffic, which then collided with protesters. Unlike recent racial protests in the United States before it, the protests frequently included the slogan " defund the police ", representing a call for divestment in policing. Supporters of partial or complete defunding of the police argued that budgets should be directed instead towards community-driven police alternatives, investment in mental health and substance abuse treatment services, job-training programs, or other forms of investment into Black urban communities.

The city council in Minneapolis voted in June to "end policing as we know it" and replace it with a "holistic" approach to public safety, but by September , the pledge collapsed without implementation. Nationwide, defunding the police has not received broad support from congressional Democrats. According to a report released by Movement for Black Lives , the US federal government deliberately targeted black lives matter protesters with heavier penalties in an attempt to disrupt the movement. Protesters have called for the removal of statues commemorating historical figures, such as Confederate war veterans and politicians as well as Christopher Columbus , who are perceived as racist by modern standards.

Often those depicted in the statues were responsible for human rights violations. In one case, a statue of abolitionist Hans Christian Heg was torn down. Writing for Foreign Affairs , professor Brenda Gayle Plummer noted that "The particulars of Floyd's murder, taking place against the backdrop of the pandemic, may well have been the dam-break moment for the global protest movement. But they are only part of the story. International solidarity with the African American civil rights struggle comes not from some kind of projection or spontaneous sentiment; it was seeded by centuries of Black activism abroad and foreign concern about human rights violations in the United States. Related racial unrest in the Netherlands included widespread participation in George Floyd protests.

The unrest has led to a change in public opinion on Zwarte Piet, a character used in Dutch Sinterklaas celebrations who has been historically portrayed in blackface. Leaving the appearance of Zwarte Piet unaltered has traditionally been supported by the public but opposed by anti-racism campaigners, but a June survey saw a drop in support for leaving the character's appearance unaltered: 47 per cent of those surveyed supported the traditional appearance, compared to 71 per cent in a similar survey held in November The —21 United States racial unrest has triggered protests, political gestures and policy changes in the United Kingdom, both in solidarity with the United States and in comparable protest against racism in the United Kingdom.

In late May to June , the high-profile killings of George Floyd , Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery led to a racial reckoning that greatly increased sentiment regarding systemic racism in the United States, with changes occurring in public opinion, government, industry, education and sports. Previously, there had been protests and riots over the killings of Black Americans by law enforcement. The killing of Michael Brown , the killing of Eric Garner , the Charleston church shooting , and the Charlottesville rally received headlines yet did not lead to systemic change [26] or as wide a level of support. By mid-June, American national culture and attitude towards racial injustice began to shift, including the Senate Armed Services Committee 's approval of process to rename military facilities named for Confederate generals.

Polling of white Americans showed an increased belief in having received advantages due to their race and increased belief that Black Americans received disproportionate force in policing. The increased approval of racial justice reform may have been influenced by opposition towards President Donald Trump 's support for police, greater understanding of disparate pandemic effects by race, [26] and a weakened sense of security following the COVID pandemic 's social distancing and an economic fallout with the COVID recession.

Faced with civil unrest, politicians fulfilled promises to remove Confederate symbols. The state also voted to retire the flag. Public backlash widened to other institutional symbols , including place names, namesakes, brands and resignations. Examples include Rhode Island removing " Providence Plantations " from the state's formal name, [] plans to remove the Native American below a sword from the Massachusetts state flag and seal , [] Princeton University renaming its Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs , [] [] household products such as Aunt Jemima syrup, Uncle Ben's rice and Cream of Wheat pledging to review racial stereotypes in their marketing, [] music groups including the Dixie Chicks and Lady Antebellum changing their names to remove references to the Southern United States , [] and the Washington Redskins pledging to change its name following pressure from business sponsors and a year advocacy campaign.

Leaders in the media and entertainment industries were also criticized over their handling of racial issues, as were other celebrities and actors. Researchers also went on strike in support of the movement. Public conversations on race and power extended to other cultural practices. One debate addressed racial vocabulary. Hundreds of news organizations modified their style guides to capitalize "Black" as a proper noun in recognition of the term's shared political identity and experiences. Anti-racist self-education became a trend throughout June in the United States, and Black anti-racist writers found new audiences.

During the Floyd protests, Black-owned bookstores saw an influx of interest, especially for books on social justice topics. In the span of two weeks from early to late June, books about race went from composing none to two-thirds of The New York Times Best Seller list. Amazon sales saw a similar pattern. In comparison, no such surge happened after prior prominent Black Lives Matter demonstrations. Popular Black authors included Ibram X. Online library checkouts of anti-racist literature increased tenfold by mid-June.

Some municipal libraries saw waitlists in the thousands per title. Amazon's tracking of daily e-book readers and audiobook listeners reflected the increased readership, when many of the aforementioned books entered its most-read list. American consumers sought out Black-owned businesses to support. June saw record high Google searches for "Black-owned businesses near me" and smartphone restaurant discovery apps added features for discovering Black-owned restaurants. Businesses on social media lists saw significantly increased sales. Black-owned bookstores in particular had difficulty meeting demand.

Many major American corporations pursued anti-racism and diversity training workshops, particularly companies seeking to be consistent with their Black Lives Matter message. Demand for these trainings had grown over time, especially since , and interest in diversity training bookings spiked during this period of reckoning. Robin DiAngelo , whose White Fragility topped the Amazon bestsellers list, rose to prominence during this time and was a popular speaker. The recent scrutiny on race relations in the United States brought comparisons to the Weinstein effect in which the Me Too movement put pressure on public figures for legacies of sexual assault, harassment, and systemic sexism.

The unrest precipitated an unprecedented number of firearm sales in the United States. Gun sales have been up across the country. A rise in first-time gun buyers in liberal-leaning states like California has helped fuel the national uptick in firearms and ammunition purchases. More than 1, guns were stolen in that window of time. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from United States racial unrest.

Mass civil unrest driven by police brutality in the United States in For a list of events, see List of incidents and protests of the — United States racial unrest. United States. Main article: Killing of Breonna Taylor. Main article: Murder of George Floyd. Further information: List of incidents and protests of the — United States racial unrest. Main article: Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone. Main articles: Kenosha unrest , Kenosha unrest shooting , and American athlete strikes. Main article: Minneapolis false rumors riot.

Main article: Red House eviction defense. Main articles: Atlanta spa shootings and Stop Asian Hate. Main articles: Defund the police and Police abolition movement. Main article: List of monuments and memorials removed during the George Floyd protests. Main article: Zwarte Piet. Main article: George Floyd protests in the United Kingdom. Further information: White backlash and Flaggers movement. Mississippi retired its prior state flag left —which featured a Confederate battle flag in its canton—and adopted a new flag right in Society portal United States portal. Retrieved June 15, Voice of America. Retrieved July 7, Bronner, Laura June 25, Retrieved July 8, Cheung, Helier June 8, BBC News.

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Floyd suffered from heart disease, and he was also high on fentanyl and had used methamphetamine at the time of his death. The Boston Globe. Archived from the original on June 3, Retrieved June 1, June 1, Retrieved June 23, Retrieved August 17, Retrieved August 11, June 29, Retrieved September 24, We must keep saying her name Arwa Mahdawi". Retrieved August 31, August 22, June 11, Paul after riots".

Star Tribune. Here's how the George Floyd movement compares". Los Angeles Times. Retrieved on July 6, Mother Jones.

They were paid very Mind Your Manners In The 1800s. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Julia Ward Howe. There has also been a large concentration of unrest around PortlandOregon, which The Mother Gwendolyn Brooks Analysis led to the Department of Homeland Security deploying federal agents in the The Mother Gwendolyn Brooks Analysis from June onward. Howard Gordon Connecticut College H&m strategy Joel Berklee College of The Mother Gwendolyn Brooks Analysis

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