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Boomerang Toy Library

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What is available varies from branch to branch too. Loan time again depends but is usually 3 weeks or longer. Most toy libraries offer party packs a great idea for adding extra toys in the backyard, house or rented hall at a low cost. I have even seen jumping castles. Some might also hire out plates, cups, cutlery, kids chairs and tables for parties too. Membership is not always required to hire out a party pack. Toys are suitable from birth to around years old age, depending on each location. As you can see in the photos below smaller toys are housed in reusable plastic bags with a label explaining what is in each bag and how many pieces. At my local ty library everything is hung up for easy sorting.

The toys are categorised by theme not gender something I liked immediately. An example of how the toys are organised The plastic bags toys are kept in and descriptions Cleaning and what to do with broken or missing toys You are encouraged to clean toys before returning. We cleaned our toys using a cloth soaked in soap and hot water. I would do this when I brought the toys home and before returning. This might come across as a chore but I see the process an opportunity to teach children how to look after items and to reiterate the need to respect and care for it as we are sharing the toy with other kids.

There is the chance a toy will break or returned with missing parts. Don't worry, you won't be shamed and banned for life. Instead a fee is paid when returned. And just like other libraries a late return incurs a small fine. Forgot to clean the toy at home? You can clean them at the cleaning station A wall of toddlers bikes We don't have a toy library in our area, but I'm keen to start one! It would be great to see toy libraries in communities across Australia and the world.

Toy Library Australia have a brief guide on their website but encourage those eager to contact them directly for more detailed info. There are many successful libraries running for over 20 years and are happy to help with the set up process. Last year while I was visiting Rosebud Library giving a zero-waste talk an elderly lady put up her hand to tell me and the audience she was thrilled to hear me talking about toy libraries as she was one of the founders of Australia's first toy library.

You can read about my encounter with Evelyn here: "This lovely person is Evelyn and she founded the first toy library in Australia 43 year ago with two friends in the Melbourne suburb of Mitcham. She came along to my talk at the Rosebud Library on the Mornington Peninsula to hear how I reduce waste. Of course I talked excitedly about toy Libraries in my presentation! There are now over toy libraries! I gave Evelyn a big hug to say thanks for laying foundations that do so much to not only reduce buying new toys and creating waste but what it does for communities.

Of course she shrugged it off. These days she helps out with the local Boomerang Bag group in Rosebud. On January 19, , the logo was replaced by a new modern logo consisting of a capitalized "B" in the center of the box with the Boomerang text on the two sides of the box. This was the first time in almost 15 years where the logo redesigned. The latest rebrand was also created by Primal Screen for the second time. Upcoming programming: Yabba-Dabba Dinosaurs! Warner Bros. Pictures Group : Warner Bros.

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