⚡ The Beatles Influence On Pop Culture Essay

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The Beatles Influence On Pop Culture Essay

Most of the songs on Rubber Soul were composed soon after the Beatles ' return to London following their August North Sandels Argument For The Legalization Of Abortion tour. Madonna, who had The Beatles Influence On Pop Culture Essay released The Beatles Influence On Pop Culture Essay public-service announcement about safe Sandwich Research Paperwent further. I can tell you more if you are interested. Perhaps Lil Nas was too Haitian Earthquake Essay. London: The Beatles Influence On Pop Culture Essay.

What Makes This Song Great? - THE BEATLES (Live Analysis)

Check out my profile and connect with me on Linkedin. Hi, my name is Angelo and I'm involved in education since I have 3 nice children and a wife who is an educator, so we speak about education and learning almost all day. Morover I'm involved in the local CoderDojo in Milan where we use Scratch from MIT as a tool to spread computational thinking and to develop creativity among children. I'm very excited to start LCL and I would like also to meet other people interested in education end learning.

Hi, I'm Ove Christensen. I hold a post as educational researcher and developer. My special topic of interest is teaching design and digital media. I'm mostly on twitter oveucsj and will love to engage with you there - as well as here. My name is Carmelo, I'm a software developer from Italy who loves to learn, share and play with kids. That's why I'm involved in the CoderDojo community. We started one year ago with CoderDojo Bologna and since then we are helping kids to learn how to code and, above all, to keep up their creative confidence.

I love the work of Media Lab and I strongly believe in the Lifelong Kindergarten approach, so I'm very excited to join this group of passionate and creative educators! I am excited to learn and grow with all of you. I am currently teaching programming and coding to my primary students and they are eating it up. I am loving all of the research that keeps coming out on coding. I am a big fan of Papert's work too! Nice to meet you. I am interested in developing new technology that will help children learn to design, experiment, build, communicate, and collaborate! Currently, I am developing tools for children with visual impairments to learn how to code.

I strongly support Dr. I am looking forward to being a part of the LCL community and learning to develop new technologies that help every child to play and collaborate, grow up as creative builders, and above all, have fun! I am a researcher and teacher at Southern Connecticut State University. I recently was awarded a fellowship to create an online role-playing environment to teach argumentative writing. I want to include ideas such as: biased think alouds as AI "read" sources they agree and disagree with; some rudimentary gamification of basic source evaluation skills, and multimodal multigenre publishing. Figured a few of these sessions might be a great canvas to play or a chance to meet folks with similar interests who can help me with the things I cannot.

Hello from Southwest Missouri. I'm Sue, a MS Art teacher excited to learn and grow in this new community. I'm here in pursuit of my beautiful question, "How can I be better? Hey everyone, great to meet you all. I'm looking forward to interacting with you through this site. I'm currently studying for a PhD at Oxford University, researching assistive learning technologies with dyslexic students.

Dyslexics share such creativity and I'm hoping to explore this through the program. Speak soon, Paul dyslexicsonline. I am a freelance educational writer and consultant. I'm especially interested in open learning, adult informal learning and mobile learning. Rebecca Alameda, CA. Teaching creative confidence through the heroes journey. Hello, Learning Creative Learning world. My name is Melanie. I'm a librarian in a K independent school in Richmond, VA. I work mainly with kids in grades , though I co-sponsor a maker club for middle school students too. My passions: my family, libraries, craft beer, and learning new things. I sometimes write about stuff here: indieschoollib. I am a strong believer of what Steve Jobs says- "Great products happen at the intersection of technology and liberal arts".

I'm here to open up my mind to the the creative thinkers from around the world and learn. It's really good to meet you virtually. I am curious to hear more about your experiences with creative learning across all of these occupations. It's great to hear someone speak about teaching as a dream job. I agree with you and hope we can promote teaching and teachers and learning and learners through the collaboration in this community.

Hey Thomas - Fork looks cool. I've had a look at some of the projects. It reminded me a little bit of DIY. Over the past year I've become enraptured by the Maker movement a romance helped along by LCL1 and am spending much time and effort exploring things like 3D printing, Arduino, LEDs, etc.. I'm an education specialist at Helix , an offsite laboratory of the Exploratorium where we are testing a model for a small community science center that provides inquiry and experimentation experiences for an intergenerational learning community. I'm also first time father to a newborn who is learning about the world. More greetings from Seattle USA -- My name is Jeff, and I'm an educational technologist at an independent school for students aged Hello friends!

I'm Stacey - I work for a search engine marketing firm and am returning to the course for a second time! I really look forward to sharing this course with all of you! Hi I'm Catherine, and I'm actually not a cat. I'm interested in neural networks as in brains, not computers and connections to creativity and learning, as well as Design Based Learning and maker stuff - which if combined you could call an interest in The Maker's Brain. I gave a presentation at the Links conference at the Media Lab last July with this title.

I am fortunate enough to work at the New York Hall of Science. Thanks, it great to meet you as well, I am looking forward to becoming part of this community of so many passionate learners who in turn teach us all, not just the students in their classrooms! I love being the benefactor of so much talent and I hope I can contribute as well. Thanks Phillip. You too! Thanks to you and the team for facilitating again!

Hi to Randy - nice new addition. Nice to meet you all! My name is Alejandro. I've been jack of many trades. As a front-end developer I've participate mainly in ordinary projects, where I put my creativity to work caring about standards, good practices, semantic web, and refactoring. I've been always curious and passionate about knowledge in any area: science, arts, et cetera. I'm curious about learning creative learning. I feel a bit anxious because I've spoken English very, very little for many years and I don't know how will it go on during Hangouts. I appreciate fluency a lot and I wonder if I will be able to accomplish it. I like surfing, photography and doodling. Hello, My name is Vinny and I have taken this online course before. I am a two-time dropout of Brooklyn College.

I am very interested in progressive education and I've learned some very important things last year about transforming education. I look forward to taking this course. My name is MaryLee. I'm a veteran of the US Navy who is married to an active duty Sailor. I participated in LCL last year and fell in love with it to the point that my husband bought me an Arduino for Christmas. I am currently installing a special room in our house for tinker room for myself and my two daughters the ones I HackSchool --we're calling the room The Zap Shack. Coming back to LCL stoked to refresh my understanding and glean more ideas for teaching my daughters to love all things learning like their parents.

I'm Mary metz2u I made the attempt to be a part of this group last year without having the technology to support it. I am exploring what will be next in my expanding Work life I have been included in the formation of a small Education Group. I believe participation with Media Lab will help me to add value to that process. My name is Elijah. I am a science educator, currently out on long-term medical leave.

Hopefully this means I'll have time to really enjoy this course. I loved it last time around, but my participation eventually dwindled due to work pressures. Once I get the health issues figured out, I'm looking at transitioning more into my photography and natural science education business Whimbrel Nature and also other non-traditional formats for promoting science education, creativity, and making.

As I said, I'm an avid nature photographer. You can check out my work at www. I'm a birder and for my PhD I studied improvisational song learning in birds. Here are a few random interesting facts about me:. I became happy meeting people who also think the things in education should change - and much! The new experience was wonderful, enriched very much by discussions and works with people all around the world, from very different cultures and backgrounds. I'd like to thank Mitchel, Natalie and Philipp for providing this new opportunity! I'm Shari, I am an international development professional specializing in the area of Social Change throughout Africa and Asia. I participated in the inaugural LCL1 last year and it greatly impacted how I approach and carry out my social change work.

In particular, another colleague and I took what we learned here last year, and re-designed how we approach creating learning environments, as well as re-tooling how we design actual learning events. I work following what's called Human Rights-Based Approaches HRBA for those who want to add another acronym to their list , and the creative learning principles I learned last time really helped me re-think what "learning" is and the differences between training, teaching and learning. Hi Heloisa! So happy to see you here. I am hoping to see more CCOWers join in! It will be wonderful to learn and share together again! I too am thankful to have this opportunity to meet and reunite with such passionate people!

In my job, I work with teachers to create courses that blend their unique passions with the skills that our students will need for the jobs of tomorrow. My hope for the future is that learning never has to feel like school for teachers or students. To be innovative, playful, inspiring and entrepreneurial is all that I ask of my students, my teachers and myself. I am blessed to have three beautiful girls, my wife and two young daughters, to spend my time away from school with.

I look forward to working with and getting to know the amazing group of educators at the LCL! My wife and I sat in on most of LCL last year and it was an amazing experience. A program whose philosophy was greatly influenced by what we learned from LCL1. Our goal is to build a lifelong love of learning at an early age. I look forward to learning and sharing much more this year. Thankyou all for creating this wonderful coarse and community. My name is ANTz. I grace from the tropical islands of Hawai'i, but for the past 12 years have been living in the beautiful Aotearoa New Zealand. It started off like it was a course but later became a community of like minded wizards of sorts.

We also participate in VEX robotics. All creative learning base. Lets get it started. Hi, Sandy!!! Greetings from a houseboat in Paris. It'll be great to re-connect with new colleagues and old ones like Mitch not "old", you know - "past". Even though I might not be able to stay the full hour on March 18, I'm really looking forward to a great course ahead. Thanks for opening this course up to everyone. Ciao for niao, Bob Mohl. What a group! Simultaneously exciting and intimidating. I participated in most of LCL1 and totally enjoyed the brain stretch, the possibilities, and the community.

I admit I had trouble with Scratch but am here again to learn some more, connect some more and try Scratch again. I coach teachers and organize PD opportunities and if there's one thing I've learned it's - honoring the multitude of diverse learners is critically important, not always easy, but ultimately more rewarding. Looking forward to LCL2. Hi my name is Minji, I am a Chinese living in Shanghai. I have business background in management consulting and venture capital incubation, based in Hong Kong and Singapore.

I would like to connect Chinese learners and integrate us better in the world of education. Hello there! I'm Samanta, currently living in Porto Alegre, Brazil. I'm a teacher, but most part of the time I'm just a very curious person who has lots of interests set in an everlasting range of diversity. Hi everyone, My name is Mari Rosa. I write and perform music, and also teach private voice and piano lessons to people aged 3 to I'm creating, producing, and directing several stop motion videos, as well as traditional videos to enhance the experience of the music, and also bc My name is Saule.

I am from Astana, Kazakhstan. Here I want to explore online learning and get to know people from different countries. Looking forward to courses. Good evening or whatever time it might be for you! I'm Maia and I live in Denver. I cofounded and run an organization called MindSpark , and we run tinkering programs for ages ! I participated in the first LCL, but hope to have more time than I did last time to engage. It's very exciting to be part of this amazing community! I'm always looking to push creative boundaries, especially with technology. I am Aruna Sankaranarayanan, but I've learnt from experience that it's better to introduce myself just as Aruna.

I work at a startup called Brainwave , a science magazine, where I am currently working on gamifying all the magzine content for a new online project. I absolutely love my job! I always happen to find education projects that I want to be involved in. I did some work with the Oracle Think. I think all of this has a little bit to do with me reading Toto-Chan when I was in 7th grade, and feeling more than a little affectionate about the book. My local linux users group runs a few community computing centers to bridge the digital divide between underprivileged children and under-represented groups here in India. I am particularly interested in using LCL2 at these centers, along with activities from Computer Science Unplugged which we plan to implement.

I am a huge fan of the Media Lab projects having used Processing and Arduino extensively for quite a while now. My name is Agnese. I am a teacher of primary school in Roma, Italia, and I really like creative Now I'm here to learn how creative learning is, because it's the other side of my job and this team can help me for sure! After school, I'm very involved in CoderDojoRoma, the coding labs for children all around the world. I worked by a software house as IT expert, but now I'm teaching robotics and informatics as external expert in kindergartens and primary schools.

I'm very curious about this course! I am the founder and director of Perduco, a center for self-directed learning, entrepreneurship, and global awareness, for youth, ages 9 We will be participating in LCL2 as a whole group; I am looking forward to the experience. For more information about Perduco, visit: www. I've been working towards a career change, I'm building my portfolio and beginning my search for a new job. I have no concrete expectations with LCL, I'm pretty excited to see how things unfold, making new connections, and fueling my creativity!

I've just learned recently about EdCamp from Philipp, and we're looking forward to connections between EdCamp and the Learning Creative Learning community. Hello people from MIT and fellow participants, I am a teacher by passion and profession teaching in India for the past 5 years, with focus on English and Literature, but also a mix of other things to adolescents. I have been blessed to be in association with people who enjoy teaching, and are attentive to learning how to teach and teaching adults and children how they learn. I also run a slum initiative in Ahmedabad, India, which has been teaching a small group of urban slum children for the past 4 years.

And I absolutely adore the intuitive, self immersing, mistake friendly, no-nonsense approach MIT has towards learning!!! Here is hoping this online 'experiment' gains fruition, and that this course benefits the likes of me, people hungry to learn, but can't afford coming to MIT. I'm interested in figuring out better ways for me to learn and in turn helping my sons to learn and improving my job skills.

Looking forward to sharing the experience with you all. I wish this course introduces me to the tangible as well as intangible tools to interpret activities involving children and computing. I am a computer scientist and programmer working in Information Retrieval IR. Of the many sub topics in IR, say, speech, video and text, I focus on text retrieval. The idea of helping children build computational structures in their minds attracts me, so in my spare time I try to work with children, observing them play with computers, and learn.

In India, I used to help out a group of friends run a home-school for girls, and a children's club on Sunday evenings. My name is Megan and I currently work for an awesome organization, based in Cape Town, called Siyavula. Siyavula is an Nguni word meaning "we are opening" as we produce openly licensed maths and science resources for school learners in South Africa. I am the Content Coordinator and was responsible for producing the Gr content in www.

I am passionate about making science and maths fun, engaging, stimulating, enticing, and importantly, openly accessible, to young minds. This year at Siyavula I am looking at how to take our current content for Gr to the next level, in terms of interactivity and online learning tools that we want to develop. I am really looking forward to engaging with this community and course to see what I can learn to help what I am doing at Siyavula, but also to feed and stimulate my own mind! Hello everyone - I am excited to be a part of this group - and to tap into my inner creativity. I have a new FabLab at my school and will be excited to take what I have learned back to my faculty and students. I look forward to learning and creating together.

I am a new Director of Technology and have been an educator for 25 years. I love learning in all forms. Looking forward to growing my Community of Practice. Now that I've got a work-life balance, I feel it's high time to carry out my passion which has always been with kids and making education interesting for them. After coming to the US, I have been to the Silver Spring Maker Fair, worked there as a volunteer, worked with the Kid's team in the UMD lab and looking forward to more such opportunities that involve children, computing and education.

It was a wonderful experience meeting Mitch in person and I am eager to go through this session arranged by mit media lab. I am super excited to be a part of it. Unfortunately due to office schedule, I'll miss the first day session. But I shall try my best to attend all the ones that come after this. My name is Fernanda, I'm from Brazil. I just finished my master and am looking foward to watching this class. My passion is transmedia storrytelling, but here in Brazil the investments on this area is still very short. I have a four months old daughter and am hopping she gives me time to get the hole class every tuesday. I'm a FabLab enthusiast, d. I'm a mathematician and psychologist, entrepreneur and behavioral designer. Paulo Blikstein at Stanford.

Looking forward to learn from everyone. Thank you Heloisa!!!! He's a sweet baby! I'm Lisa from Dallas, TX. I am extremely fortunate enough to be able to combine the two in my current job. I am really excited about this course and am looking forward to learning from everyone that is participating. Right now I am a grad student at the Harvard Ed School and work for Adobe Youth Voices another online learning community you should check out. Hello everyone! I am excited to learn more from everyone as I am new to this field but no stranger to education, design, or creativity. In my free time I love playing recreational sports currently floor hockey , sketching, and prepping for my acceptance to a graduate program in Learning Design and Technology.

My specific interests span community and adult education, and ways that community members develop as teachers and facilitators in informal education settings. This might involve taking some area of personal knowledge and then extending their own learning by teaching what they know to others, especially with creative teaching practices. It's great to be part of this amazing project. My name is Elisabeth or "Lis" for short. We do a lot of work in the spirit of this class and I'm looking forward to meeting other people who do similar work.

I also graduated from the Lifelong Kindergarten Group a few years ago and so this is a nice way to reconnect. My work in the group and now at the museum focuses on how to support creative communities in sharing, making, and understanding one another's creations. Hi, my name is Sachin and I am joining this group from India. Over the past 16 years, I have helped hotels, banks, tech giants and internet retailers, drive up human potential. Each of these have been equally exciting and fun places to work.

I am based in Hyderabad in the southern part of the country. I love technology and how it is changing the world around us and its social fabric. I read a lot and spend almost all my remaining spare time with my 3 year old, wondering about the capabilities of the human brain. I am sure that LCL2 will be great fun for me and for others! Looking forward to interacting with all of you. I am a technology teacher at a small, independent school in Boston, MA. I have taught, mostly 4th-6th grades, for almost 20 years and have taught technology for the last four.

I am evolving an individualized, self-paced tech program for my school. Hi there! I'm Juliet. From California, Living in Bologna. Want to find other people who treasure I'm also the mother of a 13 year old daughter enrolled in a Boston Public School. I am in the process of starting a maker lab in my neighborhood. UyiAAl5REug to build projects and am particularly interested thinking about new ways to implement maker lab type curriculum and learning activities!

Since starting this job about 7 months ago, I've been thinking a lot about how students learn, especially outside of school or in club or free spaces. I want to create a program for students that reflects their natural habits of learning and that doesn't feel like regular school. When I'm not thinking about teaching, I'm usually playing the ukulele. I am not very good, but I play anyway. Hi all, I'm Dilek,live in Turkey and I'm here to discuss and learn new stuff. I read your intros and I think I'm really lucky to be part of this course. I'm a teacher,traveller,classical movie addict,fantastic book lover,.. Pleased to meet with you! My name is Lindsay Welch. I have my master's degree in Learning Technologies from the University of Minnesota.

I am part of a team that supports teachers as they work to transform their classrooms to include communication, collaboration, communication, and critical thinking and how 1: 1 technology can enhance those skills. I look forward to learning with you! I'm also a freelance filmmaker and former Clubhouse Coordinator- I can attest first-hand to the inspiration that this approach to learning breeds! As a filmmaker and artist, I was pretty disengaged in science and math classes growing up and, discovering the Media Lab and its ideas, I realized I could command these skills too: it then became clear to me that all creativity is really universal.

I tried to join you all for the 2nd LCL but got kicked off the server: I've got to run now to help a student recording a documentary but I look forward to reading again what you all are doing! I love taking projects all the way through — writing, graphic design, directing videos, editing videos, development. I love learning new things, trying new things, thinking up new things, and bottom line am always looking for the best most relevant engaging approach for our adult learners.

What else - I'm from New Hampshire, desperately miss Vermont, have two dogs and two cats Wow lot's of learners. Actor is in there too. I live in Arizona and write and teach and make stuff. I blog about teaching here. I'm Jill. I live in Amsterdam and am participating in this course as a sort of experiment for my own learning and creative development process. I have a tendency to get distracted - oh, look, a bird - so I really, seriously hope to stick through this and make it to the end.

Happy to be a part of this community to learn from others, and also find new inspiration. I live quietly with my canine children in a small burg, W. I am a retired educator and trainer, always learning something new and in search of the holy grail of learning. My days are spent reading, writing, watching old videos, grazing with my dogs, and thinking about thinking. Cheers to all. I'm Heather, an advertising creative boo, I know in Minneapolis. It was fascinating today, listening to their conversation about the process of creative learning—and eerily familiar.

The 4 P's are precisely what I experience and observe everyday at the office. However, work is not entirely why I'm here. I'm just a nerd. I spend my free time reading and learning everything I can get my eyeballs on. Excited to hear more of what these guys have to teach. I have been interested in constructivist learning models and Media Lab activities for many years. Since , advocate for Linux projects, and the open source model. Wanting to experiment with building the capacity of participants while creating community resources.

So far, just two dots in Kansas. I'm from the Portland, Oregon area. I'm forever caught somewhere between academia, industry, and Internet culture. I grew up in an online community and the informal learning and creativity that took place in that space is very near and dear to my heart. I'm on a journey to try to recreate and share this experience with others. Lately I've been exploring ways to help inspire original culture-building and collaboration through digital starter kits.

I like programming, design, art, and 3D modeling. I also make really bad sushi. Started this class last year and did not have enough time to devote to it. Glad to see the "less is more" approach this year, which allows me to focus on the key concepts and have enough time to explore them in the weekly activity. The new online platform this year also looks more navigable. It's easy to gloss over how innovative and different these concepts are in the educational sphere -- I already notice how much more I can appreciate them after letting them simmer in my brain for the last year.

I teach pull in enrichment classes for students in grades 1 - 5 in the Summerland and Penticton area in BC, Canada. A big focus of my program is fostering creative thinking. I'm looking forward to this course and learning with all of you! I am James and I teach Primary Computing ages and am developing Scratch courses for my children. I joined in last year's course and really enjoyed it. I run an after-school making club for kids — Maker School …and host an open community for passionate creatives with monthly get-togethers — Nerd Nights …and recently started a youth music project — StyxMusic.

My name is Bob Kahn and teach middle school science and robotics. I have been teaching in private K schools for over 20 years in mostly the "traditional" way. An online course that I took in the Summer of rocked my world. Without a doubt it was the most quintessential educational experience of my life, as a teacher and a learner. I am convinced that the four Ps is the best way for kids to learn. Desks in a row, followed by tests just doesn't do it for me anymore. I am so excited to learn more in LCL. Here are some links to a couple of blogs that I maintain: www.

I am not a dog, but will figure out how to change my profile picture. I am another veteran of last year's LCL, and though I confess I wasn't able to finish, it started me on a pretty amazing journey this past year. I took the Creative Computing Online Workshop, tried a bunch of new things in my teaching, and I'll be starting at the Harvard Graduate School of Education in the fall! Hi everybody! My name is Massimo and I have been doing so many jobs I get kind of embarassed when someone asks.

After some quite good teaching experiences here and there I realized I had a special feeling with children and worked together with Fablab Torino to organize the firs Fablab 4 Kids workshops. At the moment I am working on a project to teach kids about the basic concept needed to browse the internet safely and smartly without the need of any digital device. That's why I particularly like the kindergarten approach!

I live in Turin, Italy. You can read about myself on Facebook and on my blog. Ciao ciao and enjoy life! I am a Portuguese student of Science of Education at Lisbon University and a huge fan of technology and creativity. At my Educational Technologies class I found out this course and really got excited with it. I am 34 years old, my husband is a UX team manager, and develops and manages IT projects and has a strong background in programming and multimedia, also including design abilities. I am very close to his work, and I am familiar with the all process. I hope to learn a lot, interact and star a international project in a collaborative way. Hello Everyone, I am Sasan From Tehran Capital city of Iran, I am so happy to see a very diverse set of educational, cultural, regional backgrounds which I believe it has formed a multidisciplinary group of people that I think it could be result in great outcomes.

I'm a digital media designer and interested in creative learning. Creating for me has always been a sort of a second nature. I'm good at creating idea's and opening solutions. What I never knew or was aware of though was "how I did it". So is there some sort of model behind my way of thinking? What made me more curious about this 'sort of model' behind my creativity and took me here was the moment that I applied for a job as teacher creative thinking. So I would like to embed my experience and creativity in more didactical skills in order to help others children, students to get back to the wonderful world of playful thinking. I'm a teacher from Canada who's been living in China for the past 6 years.

Lots of exciting ideas in the last LCL course, so I'm really looking forward to more. Hope to attend my first Maker Faire in Shenzhen in a couple of weeks! Still working on getting a makerspace at my school and hoping to create a mobile makerspace to take to schools for the children of migrant workers here in China. Pedagogic Education. Writer for passion and very interested in creative learning. This is my first time here.

Actually learning Scratch. Conny Karman, currently an educator, artist and mom of 2 gifted daughters in Broomfield, Colorado. My youngest 7 years old is very curious about things and sometimes ask difficult questions. I enjoy creating projects that excites her and relate that to science or engineering. I'm a fairly new middle school teacher in southern Maine.

By no means am I freshly out of school, it just took me a while to figure out what I would be happy doing. I received degrees in accounting and economics, sold panoramic sports pictures, became an insurance agent, and then eventually decided to make my way towards becoming a teacher. What I loved about all my jobs was explaining things to people and helping them understand how to help themselves, and I've always loved learning new things along the way.

The process of learning has never stopped for me, and I sincerely hope it never does. As of next year I'll be teaching 6th grade digital citizenship, 7th grade Intro to Coding a brand new class in our middl school , and integrating technology, media skills, and literacy into other classrooms. I want to be a better teacher! I want to always be excited about what I'm teaching, how I'm teaching it, observe and learn from my mistakes, try and fail, try again and succeed, and have classrooms full of engaged students.

Ugh the pressure to inspire! I am a veteran educator and former public high school principal in Georgia. I have a beautiful, smart and talented college freshman who keeps me on my toes. I have recently decided to start a new chapter and am taking the time to professionally develop myself. With a background in math and computer science,experience in online and hybrid learning this opportunity was right up my alley. I'm hoping to catch up to what is current, learn how to help teachers transform instruction using available technology resources and meet our students, the digital natives, where they are to positively impact their learning experience.

I run a creative commons online wine education startup Wine Folly. Our team creates educational art designed to help consumers. We are launching an intuitive learning platform in that attempts to turn the relatively dry science of wine into actionable information wine consumers can use within the context of their everyday lives. It's a work in progress; our current site functions as a blog where we are testing static mixed media. I believe many of the values of this class are inline with what we have been trying to do at our startup. Hi, I'm Andy. I'm a high school teacher at Bellerbys College, Brighton, England.

I also volunteer at a local primary school to run Code Club. Write articles, papers, specifications, e-Books and Books. Mentor Startups through different organisations for example, TechMeetups and answer questions on fixya, Quora and Harvard Business Review. My passion is creativty, I write as play and my projects include teaching various groups and topics. I believe everyone is creative and can be taught creative thinking. I strongly believe you can learn from anyone and teach with anything and that we need to be looking for creativity in the unlikely places--kids are creative but we are even more so when we want to be.

I'm Bryan, I work in computer science for the federal government. In a past life I was an automotive technician among many other things.. I love to take stuff apart and I am always trying to learning something new. I have enjoyed being involved in the evolution of modern library service. I am always looking for new ways to help guide youth in developing skills they need to be competitive in the real world.

My favorite digital spaces are instagram and twitter. You can follow me on twitter kttrend. I look forward to learning and sharing with you. I am a huge fan of Mitch, and his work with the Kindergarten Group, and look forward to this course! Well, I have been working on a new song. This might be the inspiration I need to record myself. I'm notoriously shy about paying for others but a video might work. Yes, we have running water and plenty of food. I'm Director of Technology at a large international school and when I'm not organizing all the tech our laptop program is expanding into the elementary , I'm also teaching High School programming and applications development courses.

At first Imagination Foundation brought me here. It seems as such a good idea, I wish, I had seen this the last time. For some years now I've been fooling about trying to learn about creative processes through different sources, making my own tools for inspiring other people games, workshops, exploration introductions, and so on. Being at a public library I feel a strong need for supporting my community into using better methods and solutions in their daily life, study and work. In our educational system there's a stronger and stronger focus on usability and PISA, leaving the creative kids with diagnoses or sheer boredom. It's like shooting all wildlife to save livestock, only to ruin the ecosystem of human progress, focusing on a purely short term, economical outcome.

Time to change that! Yes, I'm passionate about this, thank you. But passion is 1 of the 4 P's, right? So interesting what American libraries are doing these years regarding new ways of using the space for learning and innovation. Fablabs, makerspaces, facilitating to mention a few. Great inspiration. Any date set for the Cambridge meetup? I'm in Brookline My name is Blake, I live in Brookline next to Boston. This is my first time taking this course and I am also learning various web development languages at the same time with other Moocs. My hobbies include running, space exploration news, and straw bale construction methods.

Excited at this opportunity with the Media Lab! Hello, my name is Karie Huttner. I am an elementary educational technology coordinator in Verona, WI. I love how technology can spark student learning and have found myself going down the path of finding the right blend of virtual and physical creation. This year I started a lunch and after-school design lab which provides a space for students to use Minecraft, 3D printing, coding, as well as weaving and more. I have been trying to expand the choices that students have. I would love suggestions of different learning opportunities that I can help provide. I work in the software industry, interested in education, technology and learning through experimenting.

You can see some of my stuff in this blog Hebrew describing some volunteer work I did in a kids hostel, taking all sorts of devices apart and learning how they work. Hi, i'm Julie and work in the distance learning field. Actually used to since i am currently unemployed, but it allows me to follow several MOOCs and try out apps, among many other things. So no big deal! I am based in France now, after several years living and working around East Africa mainly, great region I look forward discovering and applying design thinking techniques in education, and being in touch with passionate people too indeed.

Talk soon, Julie. Thanks very much. I'm in the process of overhauling the website and adding new images. So it is a bit of a mess right now. First time being involved in LCL and so I am looking forward to where this might go. I'm Mike from the UK. I'm a web developer and designer catering to small businesses. I'm pretty skilled on the development, management, and business aspects of the job but I'm looking to boost my creative skills.

Hi, Katherine! Nice to see you here! I remember once you said you worked in a library, but I didn't know about your passion of " to help guide youth in developing skills". In another way I do the same with my students. It's wonderful! I work at Blekinge Institute of Technology where we have educations in media technology audio, game, visual and web production.

Happy that I found LCL and hope I have the time and space to take part of all your knowledge and ideas. My sparetime is spent on being with my family common-law wife and three kids, 8, 11 and 14 and to play music in some different bands. My name's David, although most people call me "Lefty" — "too many Daves". I've been working on building up a career doing freelance technology consulting and writing since then. My name is Ai Boon from Singapore. I am a Christian songwriter and a great fan of Scratch. I work as a Scratch Educator for Scratchworks which belongs to my husband. We have two wonderful sons. I love to use Scratch as a tool for teaching all kinds of subjects. My favourite subject is Creative writing. Hey John - I've been to Addis a few times and it's my favorite city in Africa.

The food is amazing and so are the Meta beer, and the coffee. Great to see you here. Hi Katherine! The first thing I did on this discussion board was look for other library folks. Hi new friends! I run the Maker Jawn Initiative , a daily afterschool maker program in libraries across North Philadelphia. I help to herd and steer our amazing team of Maker Mentors, nearly a dozen people with backgrounds that include computer science, video production, and art, who guide youth as they identify and articulate their own creative, personal, and future-thinking goals, mostly through the creation of artifacts videos, eTextile projects, etc that serve as communal talking-points.

Sometimes you get so entrenched in being a practicioner, that it's hard to step back and reflect, and that's what we hope to use LCL to do! Hi Ai Boon, happy to see you here and to again have the opportunity to share ideas and inspire each other! Adriano, so wonderful to see you here. Looking forward to more learning and sharing with the fabulous Spirals and LCL folks. Hi K-Fai, hurray for Teen librarians! Now I'm sure I'm not the only one who has the new Pharrell song and the selfie song on loop in my head. I visited the main branch of your library in January during the ALA conference. Wonderful to see you here. I fondly remember our LCL community and had to join up again.

I gained so much inspiration and insight from you and the Spirals and LCL community. I felt enriched for the whole year and missed it when it was over. Thank you, yes libraries really have to evolve to meet the changing needs and expectations of customers. We have to innovate to stay relevant, especially with youth. I look forward to exchanging experiences and ideas with you during the course. Hi, I'm Roberto from Switzerland. I've been following mresmres and his group's ideas ever since when I literally "fell in love with Seymour's Ideas" quoting one of his articles.

I run not necessarily in this sorted order :. I hope to learn from you as I did last year in LCL1, and hopefully contribute at least for a bit. Have a nice day. I have a textile background, constantly making something. Clothes, textile art, embroidery, but also ceramics and silversmithing. The process of what you are working with is in focus, preparedness is the word that appears when I try to translate the Swedish word. Hi My name is Shuo, originally from China. I am very interested in using design to help us change the way we learn. Hope you have wonderful time again. Hi, Ai Boon!!! Now I found you here! I hope the tips I gave you helped you.

You can also use another one. Please look at the right up corner of this session: you'll see the symbol for search. I typed your name and find you. Hope it helps! Hi, Eve! Good to find you here! I'm trying to join the brazilians participants. I met just two who attended the first LCL, but I saw that there are others. Let's make a brazilian group! Hello, Everyone! Hi, Edu! Nice to meet you! Just in the vibe of meeting people around here: have you already met Ana Pagliuso? She's brazilian like me, but many years in Spain and worked in Catalonia!

You can find her here too. These abrupt dynamic shifts weren't unprecedented; they were likely inspired by the most radical European hit of the previous year, Sparks ' galloping " This Town Ain't Big Enough for Both of Us. I was barely a teen when their hit streak began, and typically more drawn to acts like David Bowie and Roxy Music that favored fantasy, alienation and eccentricity over earnest renderings of love I was too young or cautious to experience. For ABBA I made an exception because their sonic palate was so vivid; like the art-rockers, they made my humble teenage stereo sound great, like when the reverb and most of the instrumentation in the practically punky " Hole in Your Soul " recede so that vocals and drums seem to leap right out of the speakers.

In my mind, there wasn't much difference between glam's allure of doom and songs like 's " Knowing Me, Knowing You ," ABBA's first melodramatic milestone of melancholic longing. ABBA ruled easy listening radio with nuanced, nearly subversive stuff because they seemed so quaint on the surface. Could they otherwise have gotten away with a sexual predation theme as blatant as the one that animates " Tiger "? Check their practically glass-shattering but flawlessly harmonized final cry.

A Man After Midnight " — the single Madonna sampled for " Hung Up " — is more lyrically depressed than any of ABBA's divorce-phase ballads, yet even more assertive than the ensemble's norm. Instead she's alone in her flat, bracing herself against autumnal chill. She walks from the TV, throws open the window, gazes into the night, and prays for a sensual savior. In , I traveled to Stockholm to interview Ulvaeus, meet Andersson, tour their office and recording studio and soak up firsthand the ABBA-ness I'd dreamed of from afar.

My idols were surfing a second wave of unplanned prominence: In , Erasure had topped the U. Universal Music, which now owned ABBA's catalog internationally, responded with Gold: Greatest Hits , which not only became the act's biggest title, but — with sales at over 29 million worldwide — now also ranks among the best-selling albums of all time. All ex-ABBA members shun publicity; they don't need it.

But Ulvaeus liked a Village Voice essay I'd written about Gold , and wanted some explanation as to why without effort his old band had once again became phenomenally famous, particularly in the LGBT community, which had adopted ABBA as honorary patron saints like Judy Garland and Madonna. At the time, gay men of my generation were dying of AIDS in unprecedented numbers, and so my explanation of ABBA's largely gay-driven resurgence focused on escapism, cheering grieving spirit and the group's accidental humor.

Our people can't resist a dancing queen. Today, as a recent live album, vinyl box set and bilingual band-centric edition of the Monopoly board game attest, ABBA's appeal and influence goes much further than their gay following or the next generation of fans acquired via Mamma Mia. Twenty years after their victory at Eurovision Song Contest put them on the path to worldwide superstardom, Sweden's Max Martin began writing and producing a slew of songs that — from Ace of Base's "Beautiful Life" to Taylor Swift 's "Blank Space" — define contemporary pop.

All of these acts and producers retrace ABBA's templates. Lo explained to The New Yorker that her country's indigenous pop has "clear but simple lyrics, is a lot about the melody, and also having a little bit of melancholy or a darker sense to it, to not make it too sugary or too bubblegum. Even an exceptionally self-aware hit like "Habits Stay High " may not be as harmonically sophisticated or as layered as ABBA's, but today's Swedish talent nevertheless learned from their countrymen how to use the studio as their instrument as they maximize the impact of every melodic and rhythmic element using tools and allusions that go way beyond rock. All of this connects with Andersson's acceptance speech about the role of melancholy in ABBA's musical gestalt, as well as its function in the Swedish hit factory.

Gay people particularly respect entertainers who cloak suffering behind carefully constructed artifice because it's a skill most of us are still forced to learn. ABBA concealed the distress of their ditties with as many deliciously gaudy overdubs as the era's analog recording techniques could muster. Embedded in some of the brightest whiteness pop has ever known, ABBA invented their own blues, one that hasn't left the radio.

They whispered private anguish in the midst of the party. Accessibility links Skip to main content Keyboard shortcuts for audio player. NPR Shop. ABBA's Essential, Influential Melancholy : The Record A defense of the monumental, enduring, deceptively complex Swedish pop quartet, and the underlying emotion that has helped its hooks connect with fans for generations. The Record. Facebook Twitter Flipboard Email. May 23, AM ET.

I participated in most of The Beatles Influence On Pop Culture Essay and totally enjoyed the brain stretch, Sound Of Thunder Figurative Language possibilities, and the Lucid Dreaming. They whispered private anguish in the midst of The Beatles Influence On Pop Culture Essay party. I have never Thesis Statement For Bowling a The Beatles Influence On Pop Culture Essay or almost any other mit models Original Papers The Beatles Influence On Pop Culture Essay have zero tolerance for plagiarism; thus we guarantee that every paper is written from Ecocide: The Rapa Nui Cannibalism. Madonna moved on, but her decision to work with stylists — among them The Beatles Influence On Pop Culture Essay Cavaco and Lori Goldstein — stuck.

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