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The Good God

And God saw that the good god was good. Matthew The good god are the spirits with which Vodouisants regularly interact. Dictionary entries near good gonorrhea the good god gonzo goo goober good good den Bully Beatdown Vs Stop Bullying Essay Friday good morning good will good-bye. The good god

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Aristotle argues that Plato's Form of the Good does not apply to the physical world, for Plato does not assign "goodness" to anything in the existing world. Because Plato's Form of the Good does not explain events in the physical world, humans have no reason to believe that the Form of the Good exists and the Form of the Good is thereby irrelevant to human ethics. Plato's Form of the Good is often criticized as too general. Through Socrates in The Republic , Plato acknowledges the Form of the Good as an elusive concept and proposes that the Form of the Good be accepted as a hypothesis, rather than criticized for its weaknesses.

According to Socrates in The Republic , the only alternative to accepting a hypothesis is to refute all the objections against it, which is counterproductive in the process of contemplation. Aristotle along with other scholars sees the Form of the Good as synonymous with the idea of One. According to this philosophy, in order for an object to belong to the Form of the Good, it must be One and have the proper harmony, uniformity, and order to be in its proper form. Philosopher Rafael Ferber dismissed Aristotle's view that the 'Good' is 'One' and wrote that the Form of the Good is self-contradictory. Ferber claimed that Plato's Form of the Good could be simultaneously defined and unknown, and be in a state of both "being" and "not being". Plato's Forms are also critiqued for being treated as the reason for all things, as opposed to being an essence in itself.

Some scholars also believe that Plato intended the Form to be the essence of which things come into existence. These different interpretations of Plato's intention for the Form may be attributed to the idea that Plato did not have a systematic definition of the Form itself. Plato's writings on the meaning of virtue and justice permeate through the Western philosophical tradition. His concept of 'the One' is equivalent to 'the Good' because it describes an ultimate ontological truth. Plotinus compared his principle of 'the One' to an illuminating light, as Plato did with the Form of the Good. As a result of Plotinus' school of neoplatonism , the bulk of understanding of Platonic philosophy until the 19th Century came through Plotinus' interpretation of it.

The early theologies of Judaism, Christianity and Islam looked to the ideas of Platonism through the lens of Plotinus. Amphis, a comic playwright of Athens, has one of his characters say: "And as for the good that you are likely to get on her account, I know no more about it, master, than I do of the good of Plato. At the end of the lecture Plato said to those hearers who remained: 'The Good is the One".

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Good disambiguation. Republic [2nd ed. Indianapolis, Ind. ISBN The archaic sense must be distinguished from the modern sense meaning "thought". Russell: "It must not be supposed that 'ideas', in his sense, exist in minds, though they may be apprehended by minds How could there be a God, they wonder, who allows so much evil to take place? I would answer these people by assuring them that God does exist and He deeply cares about His children.

He cares so much, in fact, that He suffered crucifixion and death so that we might truly live. I believe suffering results from our separation from God. He is holy, all-powerful, all-loving, all that is good. Each day I find myself doing things that move me away from Him. Every time I sin, the world becomes a little bit worse. I can do no good thing apart from God. The more I separate myself from Him, the more likely I am to cause someone else harm or pain. To me Christianity is about God seeking us out, calling us back to him. In this life, we are separated from Him, so there will be suffering. However, if we use this precious gift of life to answer His call, He will deliver us into an eternity of peace.

He has given us a choice, but most of us choose to reject Him. Where do I look to find God in this world of tragedy and pain? Does God punish us for our sins? How can the God of judgment and punishment, be reconciled with the concept of a God of love? Does God make mistakes? Respones to the Asian Tsunami. In the News and on our minds. Return to Top. Join our mailing list. Send this page to a friend Support explorefaith. Share good. Definitions of good from WordNet. Synonyms: well. Synonyms: full.

Synonyms: beneficial. Synonyms: serious. Synonyms: sound. Synonyms: salutary. Synonyms: honest. Synonyms: goodness. Dictionary entries near good gonorrhea gony gonzo goo goober good good den Good Friday good morning good will good-bye.

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