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Barbara Mcclintock

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Barbara McClintock

Throughout her long and distinguished career, McClintock's work focused on the genetics of maize and, in particular, the relationship between plant reproduction and subsequent mutation. Beginning in the late s, she studied how genes in chromosomes could "move" during the breeding of maize plants. She did groundbreaking research on this phenomenon, where she determined the physical correlate of genetic crossing-over. Later, during the s and s, McClintock showed how certain genes were responsible for turning on or off physical characteristics, such as the color of leaves or individual corn kernels.

She developed theories to explain the suppression or expression of genetic information from one generation of maize plants to the next that defied the common wisdom of molecular biology prevalent during the s. After encountering some skepticism about her research and its implications, she refrained from publishing her data in professional journals and only shared her research with a small circle of loyal colleagues. In the early s, she traveled extensively, collected maize samples that demonstrated interesting evolutionary characteristics, and mentored junior scientists and young graduate students in maize genetics.

McClintock and her colleagues spent two decades assembling data on differences in South American maize, which were finally published in as The Chromosomal Constitution of Races of Maize. McClintock was recognized throughout her career as one of the most distinguished scientists of the 20th century. In , she became the third woman elected to the National Academy of Sciences. She was the first woman to become president of the Genetics Society of America, to which she was elected in In , President Richard M. In , McClintock became the first recipient of a MacArthur Foundation Grant, now known informally as the "genius" grant, which was awarded for her lifetime. In that same year, she was given the Albert and Mary Lasker Award. In , at the age of 81, she received the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for her work on "mobile genetic elements," that is, genetic transposition, or the ability of genes to change position on the chromosome.

McClintock was the first woman to receive an unshared Nobel Prize in that category. Contact About. Home Biographical Overview. However, this may not have been the case for McClintock. She was enormously well respected in her time by both her male and female colleagues. Describing this story of gender discrimination as mythology, arising only when she gained popularity in the run up to her Nobel Prize in the 70s and 80s and began to give more interviews, he explained in an interview on the BBC in April that her late recognition really was down to the fact that movable elements were reinvented in the s when they were discovered in bacteria and given a different context.

Barbara McClintock died in , eight years after her Nobel Prize. How do you study a disease that takes decades to reveal itself? In this case, scientists used mice, viruses, and a little immunotherapy. Marnie Willman , University of Manitoba Bannatyne. January 7, December 13, Xinwen Zhu , Boston University. November 10, Max G. Levy , Science and Health Journalism. October 3, Dan Samorodnitsky , Senior Editor. February 21, February 9, Gabriela Serrato Marks , Massive Science. May 3, Baird Langenbrunner , UC Irvine. January 10, Kylla Benes , Ecology. January 4, Scientists have found that plants like Canada goldenrod deploy defenses against insects on scent.

Brittney G. Borowiec , Wilfrid Laurier University. October 23, Maria Gatta , University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg. Luyi Cheng , Northwestern University. October 16, Michael Haedicke , Drake University. April 14, Karl Zimmerer , Pennsylvania State University. November 21, April 11, September 9, August 5, August 3, Each week, we'll send you the story of a pioneering woman in STEM.

From ancient scholars, to women's rights activists, to current researchers, there are so many fascinating scientists you may not have heard of. Massive Logo Massive Science. Butt Month The science of butts, poop, and intestines. Surviving the Anthropocene Adapting to endure humanity's impact on the world. Mind Control Dispatches from the frontiers of neuroscience. Food for Thought Making agriculture safe, healthy, and sustainable. Breakthroughs Interviews with cutting-edge scientists. Matteo Farinella. Meet Barbara McClintock, who used corn to decipher 'jumping genes' Through meticulous crossbreeding, she showed that DNA is far more complicated than scientists originally thought.

May 11, Matteo Farinella However, in the s and 40s, McClintock's work showed that some genes did not exist in fixed position on chromosomes, but could actually jump around from one part of the chromosome to another. Nobel-caliber research In , McClintock took up a research position at Cold Spring Harbor on Long Island and later became a permanent faculty member there, becoming known for her tenacity. Gender Discrimination?

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