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Rhetorical Devices In Florence Kelleys Speech

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Understanding Florence Kelley's Speech on Women's Suffrage

At this time nearly twenty percent of American workers were under the age of sixteen. Kelley delivered a speech in Philadelphia on July 22, , during the convention of the National American Woman Suffrage Association, that strived for more fair-minded hours, rather than the long. Florence Kelley, a successful social worker delivered a speech in for the National American Woman Suffrage Association at Philadelphia. Passionately and pointedly, Kelley persuades her audience that if women were allowed to vote, then child labor laws could be fixed. Initially Kelley conveys her message about the corrupt child labor laws by criticizing the practices of the states in a way that incites change by using examples and rhetorical devices.

She begins by providing. Florence Kelley was a United States social worker and reformer who fought successfully for child labor laws and improved conditions for working women. According to the speech, she states that there are children working under the age of 16, which is the designated general year of age to currently be able to work in the United States. In some states,. People are employed and trafficked using deception and collaboration and find themselves held in conditions of human trafficking in a variety of jobs.

Victims-including children- are occupied under bad conditions in fisheries, agricultural and construction work, along with other labour-intensive jobs and domestic servitude. They are usually forced in sex labor, in other words prostution.. For every year, traffickers involve more than a million children in the sex trades. This prevalent form of trafficking affects every region in the world, either as a source, transit or destination country. In summary, people should not support or buy products from companies that employ children as laborers. Since harsh work environments and low wages make working difficult for young children, these jobs are too risky for kids to sustain.

This basic right is under attack nowadays, schools are targeted and in many parts of the world students are prevented from going to school. Earning the prize at such a young age of 17 was a great accomplishment for Malala, and made her the youngest Nobel laureate. Lyddie should choose to sign the petition. With nothing to lose, Lyddie can help her friend Diana, and help the girls around her to avoid working in a toxic area for a long amount of time and the long working hours each girl must participate in each day.

One reason Lyddie should sign the petition is because the working conditions in the Factory are harmful to all the factory girls containing toxic material from the machines filling the air. The working conditions is making it very easy for girls to develop strong sicknesses, that could cause them to end up having to leave the factory. The idea of feminism is that let women choose their own live freely. It encourages women who want to go to office to work and who want to stay at home to feed babies to stay.

So, as a girl, a female, I should study hard to strengthen myself , thus fighting for my freedom of choosing my path of life and gender. Not having a plan is one of the most horrible decisions you will ever make, second to not having a plan b. Being a successful mother or homemaker means you give ample time to different activities and roles you need to fill in any given day. You cannot just focus on a single task and ignore the rest. Although different actions fall under different priority lists, they are still a priority that needs attending to. Most mothers, the moment their child is born, instantly stick to the role of motherhood, becoming oblivious to the other roles that she has. Her organization of ideas, combined with diction that appeals to the emotions, create an influential speech that both flows logically and tugs on the heartstrings of the crowd.

Initially, Kelley immediately draws her audience in, establishing the purpose of her speech and where she stands regarding the topic of child labor. She is well-organized and maintains a steady delivery of facts and statistics that help to further explain her point of view. Work is required to earn the money to provide the necessities of life, but this duty should never be given to children.

In her speech, Florence Kelley uses logos, pathos, and a shift to voting rights to build her argument of why child labor laws need to be enforced nationwide. The first way the author builds her argument is through logos, a logical appeal. Kelley utilizes an assailment of facts and statistics to lead her assertion.

By adding these statistics, Kelley proves to her audience that she is knowledgeable about the laws and Rhetorical Devices In Florence Kelleys Speech in other states. The community How Did The First World War Affect The Global Balance Of Power? an offset of terror when three young girls, 9-year-old Rhetorical Devices In Florence Kelleys Speech BettyParris, year-old Abigail Williams, and Anne Putnam began having fits, including violent contortions and uncontrollable outbursts of screaming. Rhetorical Devices In Florence Kelleys Speech want their parents together and have a family. Kelley implores her audience to recognize the immorality of child labor by emphasizing the Rhetorical Devices In Florence Kelleys Speech normalcy of juvenile labor and Rhetorical Devices In Florence Kelleys Speech changing laws that aid in its expansion.

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