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Bully Beatdown Vs Stop Bullying Essay

After learning what's going on, Clint advises Wanda to lay low until things blow over. The Merry Fetal Nutrition Research Paper shows what someone of Naru's strength could Bully Beatdown Vs Stop Bullying Essay if she punched someone Bully Beatdown Vs Stop Bullying Essay than Keitaro : her punch turns his head into a fine mist. The Bully Beatdown Vs Stop Bullying Essay coach tells Lynn that people saw her blaming Lincoln for their loss and that he was informed Bully Beatdown Vs Stop Bullying Essay her teammates that she forced them to partake in good-luck exercises to Bully Beatdown Vs Stop Bullying Essay their chance of winning games. Which doesn't work as Spider-Man doesn't trust them and many cops would rather see Spidey arrested or The Black Dahlia Killer Theories regardless of public opinion or orders by their higher ups. Knowing Was Malcolm X Unjust wasn't in their right mind Bully Beatdown Vs Stop Bullying Essay they destroyed your home and killed your loved ones doesn't change how you feel emotionally, at Bully Beatdown Vs Stop Bullying Essay not right away.

Bullying Expert Gets Bullied

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As such, there's a lot of redundant space that's rarely ever used by the crew, and therefore has plenty of room for Bob's New Irken Order cell to use as a headquarters. While Tak talked the Tallest into giving her a chance at conquering Earth, she was never officially re-encoded as an actual Invader, meaning she's nearly barred from entering the Invaders' tournament until the Tallest vouch for her. Similarly, it turns out that she's technically AWOL from her janitorial assignment, which she fled so that she could steal Earth from Zim, so she almost gets arrested for desertion until the Tallest waive off the problem.

Chapter Six of Scraps and Oneshots is actually entitled "Reality Ensues", and places a realistic spin on the events of "Planet Jackers". Turns out having the planet be dragged light-years off course and left to orbit around a different sun has VERY negative consequences; the planet is wracked by natural disasters, and societal collapse happens rather rapidly , with the only pocket of civilization left being the city where the show takes place, and that only because Professor Membrane is putting all his resources into sustaining it. Jackie Chan Adventures.

Jackie Chan Adventures: Olympian Journey : Despite Jade being part of the action to stop Eris from unleashing chaos, she still has school to go through. Jackie is furious when Jade tanked her mid-term in Chapter 7, to the point that he prevents her from joining him, Uncle and Tohru on the trip to India to search for Hera's essence. After the other villains completely forget him and leave him behind following the fight over Athena's essence, Zhixin is understandably pissed. This makes him susceptible to Hera's essence, and means that the first thing he does with the Mind Control powers that come with it is to make them Kneel Before Zod as payback.

Rather than using his divine foresight to find the man using the bayonet with the essence of Ares in a Civil War reenactment, Prometheus snaps a picture and uses the name tag on him and the pictures online about the reenactment. When Eris is chasing the heroes, who are fleeing in a helicopter, she is calling out to them, but they can't hear her over the rotors. Jade even lampshades it. Eris stands in the middle of the road after Ares dies a second time , her power leaking out and affecting people.

She promptly gets hit by a car whose driver her power drove into a blind rage. An aircraft being cloaked doesn't make it actually invisible. Thus, Eris is able to attack the Section 13 jet as it returns with Aphrodite's essence. When fleeing Eros! Drew 's minions in an Air-Vent Passageway , Rachel is too large to fit and has to go up to the rafters, and it's noted that even the below-average Jade is finding it a tight squeeze. Queen of All Oni does this at the end of the story. Just because the heroes win doesn't mean that a Reset Button is hit on all the psychological damage incurred over the course of the story.

It is specifically stated by several characters that things can never go back to the way they were. But as Ikazuki points out, this is only holding the General himself, while his forces continue their rampage, whereas otherwise Toguro could be fighting them all off. Webwork has Jade grow up in a demon netherworld from near the start of her adolescence right into the start of her adulthood as she mutates into a spider demon. The only two beings in this dimension who aren't trying to eat her care more about her physical growth than her social one and barely talk to her.

When she's finally freed from the demon netherworld as a fully grown adult, she still acts mostly like a child because she's spent eight years in almost total isolation and her social skills were horribly stunted as a result. When she tries to pretend to be a prostitute for Chang. He catches on instantly that she's not. As she's too muscular and too tattooed, and is acting more like a prostitute from a movie would than a real one.

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. Zeppeli, but due to the latter's gentlemanliness as a result of being raised in 19th century England he refuses to fight the former. Jotaro has to convince him to momentarily stun her in order to land a hit. As of chapter 9, it's also been shown that Jonathan's height means he can't go inside a taxi, forcing the group to walk to their destination. Jurassic World. It takes several tries for Owen to get a full quartet of raptors in Tainted due to modern viruses killing some or all of the clutches he gets. Despite his unparalleled bond with the raptors, to the extent of being able to safely sleep in the same room as them, no one else is happy about Owen taking them for walks after hours, with reactions ranging from insisting he's suicidal to calls for them to be put down.

Kamen Rider. Narrator: "Given the number of poorly-treated injuries he was constantly acclimating and the preposterous amount of painkillers he was regularly consuming, it was a miracle he was even functioning at all. Kantai Collection. Ambience: A Fleet Symphony : In chapter 31, Sanford explains at length to the ship girls about how trying to uplift the Chicago poor by just having the rich give money away won't work.

In chapter 34, it's mentioned that staying underground without sunlight means Vitamin D supplements are needed. In chapter 42, once Shiranui loses the element of surprise, Kongou clearly has the upper hand. In a fair fight, a destroyer can't beat a battleship, righteous anger or no. In chapter 47, though she makes a valiant attempt, Yuudachi gets killed after being double-teamed by HMS Swordfish and Javelin. In chapter 61, Damon tells Kongou that putting all of her heart into doing something won't help make it good if she doesn't actually know how to do it right. In chapter , Kitakami recalls that she had been warned against returning to the Boise CCPL post because the ship girls' slowed aging might have led to inconvenient questions.

Ambience: Platoon Moebius Four : Contingency Summer tells us that the rest of the world, not realising how big the threat really is, is getting nervous about Japan's rearmament to fight the Abyssals. The Greatest Generation : Shipgirls get latitude beyond what conventional personnel are allowed because they are Bunny Ears Lawyers , but there are still limits. Tenryuu has gotten a lot of slack for her recurrent disciplinary issues because of her effectiveness, but gross insubordination and threatening a foreign officer cross the line and she is scheduled to be scrapped for it. Just because everyone's fighting a war against the common enemy that is the Abyssals doesn't mean that all past hatreds and grudges magically vanish.

Zuikaku is the most obvious kanmusu with objections to Yvonne's actions, but far from the only one. This is reiterated in Chapter 5. The Akatsuki sisters are made painfully aware that modern geopolitics aren't as simple as they'd thought. Given that he lacks both Dave's toughness and newly gained skills or Mindy's years of training and armory, when Marty joins the all-out brawl in Trip Like I Do , he ends up badly beaten and in a coma due to confronting a tougher, more experienced opponent. Dave shows that Unskilled, but Strong doesn't help against someone who's both skilled and in good shape.

At the start of his training, Mindy easily kicked his ass whenever they fought. Mindy ends up badly injured against an untrained thug due to him getting the drop on her. Kill la Kill. For one, her age does play a factor, as the older she is, the less they can reclaim, along with the fact that she'll improve as time goes on but she'll still remain stunted. Likewise, she's is terrified of almost everything and knows enough speech to state a few things, but still has to learn how to use syntaxes. Said rehabilitation would be a long and ongoing one; at the beginning of the story, she stayed in an institution for awhile before getting to come home. Concerning a Drifter has this in a few ways, as what happened to Ryuuko had gotten her pregnant four times by rape , as her captors likely didn't give her birth control, left her mentally ill and severely traumatized to the extent that she can no longer care for herself this could happen , and the fact that Satsuki is deeply affected.

Likewise, while the perpetrator and many others were sentenced , things don't go back to normal, as Ryuuko still lives in a mental hospital and doesn't return to her normal self, along with Satsuki not feeling satisfied. The Crimson Garment has this with Satsuki. One line from Endless Numbered Days mentions that Satsuki used to smoke. One can guess this is what leads to her being diagnosed with lung cancer. Ryuuko's brain tumor and the after effects in I Never Really Knew and its sequels : As noted in the story, meningiomas are uncommon in women under 55, thus they'd be harder to diagnose, on top of the fact that her symptoms pointed to other things, likewise, though some of her symptoms have gone after the surgery, Ryuuko is still left with poor vision and some paralysis, with no guarantee that her vision will come back because of how much of it's gone.

In that vein, earlier in the story, when she's told the news about her sight and hospitalized after seizure, she doesn't take it well and was pretty upset, in which case, she cries in those instances. In Orange Juice , unfortunately, her poor vision also makes her easier to trick since if the colors aren't bright enough, she can't tell a carton of milk from a carton of orange juice. One More Time, One More Chance : Ryuko has a history of escaping and running away, so, in chapter 12, Satsuki expects this and takes precautions to make her escape plans moot by closing the gate to the property and putting security outside. As noted in earlier chapters, due to negative experiences in the orphanage and when she was adopted out of it, Ryuko doesn't have any reasons to expect she'd be treated well in another new home and so she's wary of Satsuki's intentions, along with not believing she had a sister.

Tying into this, when she is recognizing that she's being treated well, she's rather clingy, not wanting Satsuki to leave, and not wanting to disappoint her, along with fearing the worse if she were to. In The Outside , this is played with : While Ryuuko's care under the guardianship of her sister was already iffy, her well-being wasn't being called into question. Regardless, some intervention would have been called for. However, when Aikuro her tutor notices Ryuuko's leg in a splint she snuck outside to play with Mako and got hurt , social services are called and she's subsequently taken away, especially when it's made clear that she didn't get medical treatment she treated her own injuries.

As said on the trope page, Ryuuko's stint in foster care is supposed to be temporary, until they can find her mother or, at least, a more capable guardian. In a later chapter, as "Rae" put it, three runaway foster children are not going to go unnoticed by their guardians and authorities. Likewise, as Chapter 18 points out, disguising a child that's reported missing doesn't really work if someone is very observant and there's too much of a coincidence, in which case, Tsumugu doesn't fall for Ryuuko's disguise, as, clearly, the latter looks too much like the missing girl. Due to having been raised so sheltered, Ryuuko doesn't have any experience or knowledge of strangers, much less how to avoid dangerous ones.

Likewise, in chapter 25, due to having been raised so sheltered along with being a little malnourished and having not have had vaccines , she's more prone to illness and becomes seriously ill, as she hasn't been around other people to be protected by herd immunity. Adding something to this, her being raised sheltered and isolated has some bearing on her physical appearance as she's noted to be pale in complexion and, if Satsuki's slight negligence is to go by, she's a bit short for her age.

As noted earlier, raising anyone in the way Satsuki tried to raise Ryuuko, especially when they don't agree with the idea, is going to make them rebel, which the latter obviously does. Since Satsuki was the only family she had known, Ryuuko's very attached to her and isn't adjusting too well to her absence. In that vein, when she meets her mother again after a decade, she reacts with fear. As noted through the plot, isolation does not tend to do wonders to the psyche, as Ryuuko, due to having a few people to interact with, she becomes a cloudcuckoolander and, having little socialization, some of her emotional development was stunted.

Though she loves her niece, Ryuuko, from what we can get, does not feel the same way towards Kiko's mother, Satsuki, actually, she has a lot of resentment towards her for giving birth to and leaving Kiko with her, doing nothing except setting her up with a house and sending checks , for two years, nor is she taking kindly to the idea of Satsuki wanting to re-enter her daughter's life, after said absence.

In that vein, part of why she's so attached to Kiko is because, in a sense, she was abandoned, too, leaving them both without anyone to turn to. Likewise, she doesn't want to talk to or think about Satsuki at all because of this. What taking care of Kiko entails on Ryuuko's end. When she hears that Satsuki's pregnant again, she's not happy with the news and, given her situation with Kiko, said news makes her more upset with her sister. She's also skeptical of Satsuki's ability to parent, as the latter, quote, "abandoned Kiko at the earliest instance". When Satsuki visits Ryuuko in the hospital after the latter is hit by a car , Ryuuko's not delighted to see her, actually, she's still hostile towards her. Tying into the abovementioned, Kiko only knows and, therefore, sees Ryuuko as her mother, calling her "Momma" and getting upset with her absence, along with not taking kindly to being separated.

When Ryuuko is hospitalized, she doesn't even notice Satsuki. Kim Possible. At the Centerfold of the Storm : At the start of the story, much of the world is still recovering from the Lorwardian invasion, with many towns and cities still in the clean up phase. While Dr. Director gave Shego a full pardon of her past crimes as thanks for helping to save the Earth, there are still many criminal organizations, corrupt officials and Banana Republics that felt no need to honor such, meaning she had to spend the year between the end of the series and the story effectively cleaning house.

And even then, there are still countries where she's effectively Persona Non Grata. One of the major themes is a Deconstruction of the Harmless Villains. It's explained that they simply had reservations about killing a minor. When it becomes apparent that Kim has grown up, they stop holding back. It is also discussed how an organization like Henchco. Even then, Henchco. First is from the fact that Kim's actions have severely reduced the number of clients available. But the final nail in the coffin is when, after word of the bounty hits the news, and he's forced to use a credit card the get the rest of the payment ready, he ends up completely depleting all of Henchco.

Between this, and Jim and Tim hacking into Hechco. During the mission at Castle Senior which, for the record, is located at a mountain glacier in Romania , Rufus is only used once, to save Bonnie from the McHenry laser grid. This is due to the fact that, as a naked mole rat, everything about his physiology from the obvious lack of fur, to being one of the only species of mammal that's unable to regulate it's body temperature is stacked against being in a cold environment.

When GJ finally cracks open Henchco. Turns out, it's a sprawling mass of data, and GJ is swamped trying to process it all. Bleeding Through : When Drakken and Shego attack Kim's high school, causing massive damage, the superintendent concludes that Kim and Ron's presence puts a massive bull's eye on the school and expels them. This, in turn, results in reality ensuing for the superintendent: First of all, Kim's parents sue him; second, when monsters attack the town, he belatedly realizes that, thanks to his actions, Kim and Ron are no longer there to defend everyone.

In addition to the above, he becomes the most hated man in Middleton. Director, and even Mr. Barkin resigning. Also discussed in terms of just how the Go Team's powers actually work , since each one shreds the laws of physics into confetti. What's more, exposure to a radioactive meteor should really result in cancer instead of superpowers, let alone such radically-different superpowers in such closely-related subjects. There's also the matter of Rufus' intelligence, which is explained as being due to him being Ron's familiar.

Also, it's pointed out that the reason he doesn't speak full sentences is due to the fact that, as a rodent, he doesn't have the necessary vocal organs. Both of the above fics also reveal the fate of Team Go's parents: They died, aka, what normally happens when one is struck by a meteor with enough force to blow up a treehouse. Commander Argus uses this in his KP series of fics. For instance, during Kim and Ron's senior year, a new principal is in charge of their school, who is just as averse to their missions taking them out of school as a Real Life school administrator would.

Additionally, You Are Grounded! The basic premise of His Honor, The Mayor, Drew Lipsky is that the Kim Possible cartoon is a Show Within a Show akin to The Rusty Venture Show leading to several differences from canon: Kim may be an Action Girl , but between all the wierd and occasionally horrible things she has to see saving the world and Brainwash Residue from being hit by mind control or similar mad science devices who knows how many times she has some PTSD, it gets worse when she breaks her arm saving Senior Jr. Later we find out the source of Kim's PTSD: Global Justice has been screening her help requests to keep her away from anything too traumatic but do to a mixup she and one of the most Nominal Hero Cowboy Cop members they had got sent to a low level bad guy outpost, seeing him pull a Mook Horror Show and killing a bunch of unarmed henchmen almost made her kill the guy if she hadn't noticed one of her friends getting injured in the crossfire and rushing to help them instead.

Monty Fisk retired from villainy after Ron got the Mystical Monkey powers because he knew he couldn't compete with The Chosen One causing the folks making the cartoon to make the Yono episode to write him off. In the cartoon Gemini has a prosthetic hand with a missle launcher, in the fic they lampshade the fact that it couldn't work that way so his hand launches sticky homing beacons for guided mini missle launchers he has his minions conceal wherever he goes such as in his lair or, more relevant to the story, in the instruments his minions play while disguised as a band at a party where Gemini tries to assassinate Drakken. This nearly fatally backfires when Drakken accidentally knocks the sticky tracker onto Gemini, fortunately the missles also don't operate under water so Gemini jumps in a swimming pool to save himself.

Initially Kim thinks Drakken isn't elegible to run for mayor due to being a supervillain. However due to the fact that Kim is a vigilante and doesn't have the right to arrest Drakken, only stop his crimes and an old law that made sense at the time and never got repealed Drakken's criminal record doesn't disqualify him from running for mayor of Middleton. Kim Possible: Mirror, Mirror : Sherri received powers from a radioactive comet. She feared becoming pregnant due to risks to the baby.

In Ron Stoppable And His New Pets both the original fic and the comic adaptation Ron accidentally crashes into an invention of Cyrus Bortel that combines his mind and emotion control tech, which gives Ron the ability to make women love and want to obey him just by telling them to do something. When he passes out during the crash saying to Kim, Shego and Adrena Lynn that he wishes they'd "listen to him" and accidentally turns them into his harem. A guy's fantasy brought to life, right? He has the absolute love and devotion of three incredibly beautiful women who will do whatever he says and do anything to please him.

Including encouraging him to have sex with them whenever possible. He should be thrilled right? He's horrified that he's 'brainwashed' the three of them, especially his best friend. The first thing he does when it's all been explained to him by Bortel, is ask if there's a cure and refuses to take advantage of the fact they will do 'anything' for him. He feels guilty and uncomfortable when they display their love for him knowing its just because of the mind control tech. He only starts to make an attempt to be more comfortable about the situation after it's made clear that its absolutely irreversible and permanent, but he is still not completely at ease with it no matter what.

In Zen and the Art of Ass Whupping Hirotaka finds out that having a black belt is not a guarantee of winning against an opponent who is equally skilled in a different martial art. Especially when said opponent is a foot taller, weighs twice as much as you do, and knows a few barfighting tricks that they're not afraid to use. In Trials , Harry survives Valentine's attempt to kill him because the man had never fired a gun before and looked away when pulling the trigger; his aim was off by enough for Harry to use fake blood to look like he died. Kung Fu Panda. The Vow : Po's father attempts to hold back Lord Shen's wolves from following his wife and son during the panda massacre. However, since he's a strong farmer but not a seasoned warrior , he quickly becomes wounded against half a dozen wolf soldiers.

Before he nearly gets his throat sliced, he flees though he takes a different route than his wife. When Lady Lianne tries to convince her former friend Zhan the Wolf Boss that Lord Shen's plan to conquer all of China is folly, she points out that they'll be facing China's whole imperial army with the wolf pack, one tribe of gorillas, and a dozen cannons. Even if they win in the end, many of Zhan's wolves — who are family to him — will lose their lives. As much as Zhan doesn't want to hear this, he cannot shake off the truth of Lianne's argument. During the epilogue, Lord Shen has a horrific nightmare about losing his family, so he tries to train with the body that is still recovering from bone injuries.

Forcing himself to press forward despite the pain, he ends up injuring himself further and prolonging his recovery. No matter how much of a Determinator you are, your body — especially when severely injured — won't take more than it can. Let Me In. In Toronto Bat Fans Let Me In series, even before Owen becomes a vampire , his grandfather Oscar has to keep Owen and Abby's presence secret because Owen's presence would raise too many questions after his disappearance from his mother's flat, even without the fact that people may wonder about why Abby is never seen during the day. The Legend of Zelda. As with the game, this novelization of Hyrule Warriors depicts Cia as an absurdly powerful sorceress who has lusted after Link for ages.

As soon as she has him at her mercy, she wastes no time in putting him under mind control and forcing him to sleep with her. In The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker , Nudge the pirate is depicted as someone who takes several long showers, singing all the while. During Link's trip to the Forsaken Fortress, Nudge is in the shower for the whole journey which takes about half an hour and, as Link passes by his room on the way out, he wonders how Nudge's shower is still hot. At that moment, the shower quickly runs out of hot water. Nudge : Hoi! Where did all the hot water go? Life Is Strange. The premise of We Know You're Watching is that Rachel and Chloe - who are a couple here - want to gauge if Max would be interested in joining them by subtly encouraging her to eavesdrop on the couple having sex, both of them having feelings for her and an exhibitionism kink.

They believe it'll be no more than a harmless bit of fun, but it backfires on them badly when Max reacts in ways they didn't anticipate; To start with, Max takes their bait and listens in on the couple and also masturbates to them , but after accidentally alerting them to her presence, her first instinct is to assume that they'll both terminate their friendships with her for invading their privacy in such a manner. As close as Max might be to the other two, voyeurism is very much frowned upon by the vast majority of people at least when the voyeur doesn't have consent. Between that, and Max being a naturally anxious person who lacks key knowledge of the situation, it's completely understandable that she'd jump to such an off-the-mark conclusion.

Max later comes across the couple making love in the Blackwell dorm showers, with Rachel this time catching her in the act, grinning at her, and then carrying on with the sex right then and there. Rather than take a hint, Max is only sent into further confusion as to why Rachel would act this way; not only is she still Locked Out of the Loop , she's also an introvert with no romantic experience, resulting in the couple's intentions flying completely over her head. It takes Chloe and Rachel sitting her down and explaining things to her for Max to finally get the message.

In chapter 5 of What If's , while Ryan and Vanessa Caulfield are Good Parents who have no issue with Chloe dating their daughter, they are understandably worried about Chloe's past history of drug use and petty crime. Chloe for her part assures them that she's changed since then, but otherwise doesn't hold their concerns against them. The Lord Of The Rings. The Game of the Gods is thirty-three instances of this. Morgoth fashions Mary Sue after Mary Sue; Varda carefully imposes reality and lets their own impossibility do them in.

A young woman falls into Middle-Earth Home with the Fairies , like Don't Panic , is what happens when someone beats the "girl falls into Middle-Earth" trope with the Reality Stick. Maddie has no idea how she got there, has no clue how to survive in a medieval environment, can't speak a lick of any of the languages, etc. The Loud House. Killer period cramps are no excuse for beating your younger sister bloody, especially when she frantically begs you to let her go. On the flip side, Luan escapes punishment due to Lynn Sr.

When Luan realizes just how furious Luna is over her prank through her sister breaking her nose , she quickly devolves into terrified pleading and said terror sticks around for days after the event, leading to her moving in with Leni as Leni had her room to herself due to Lori moving out to attend a college in Great Lakes City with Bobby a few months prior. As much as the family dislikes Luan's April Fools pranks, none of them are spiteful enough to let Luan get hurt in revenge for one of them. Luna ended up as a pariah to her family due to her actions. Both Leni and Lynn ended up with painful injuries as a result of stopping the fight; the former winds up with a nasty bruise from getting clocked in the head and the latter receives a rather painful bite to the arm.

Lynn Jr. Lincoln is well-aware of what the menstrual cycle involves due to having 5 older sisters; this still makes him uncomfortable and he's reduced to a deep flush and stammering when Luna discusses the matter with him. Conversely, of the 4 younger sisters out of toddler-hood, only Lisa was aware of what "that time of the month" is when it's brought up; Lucy and the twins have to have Lisa give them The Talk before they get it and Lola is absolutely revolted.

When Luna and Luan reconcile, they both end up admitting that they share blame in the whole mess. The former for losing her temper and the latter for the prank itself. Luan even admits that when she was apologizing during the beatdown, it was more because she got caught and was in danger than because she was actually sorry, which she regrets for real this time. Luan admits that she's still kinda scared of Luna, even having nightmares about her beating. In Fool Me Thrice , Luan receiving a Trauma Conga Line on the way home from a Wild Goose Chase after the moving van that supposedly had her belongings on it is met by horror on the part of her family, especially since it involved a gang of adult bikers beating her; Luan's April Fool's antics may be aggravating to her family but they don't want her hurt and they certainly don't find the fact that she is badly injured funny like she expects.

It doesn't help that she doesn't have an alibi other than "I didn't do it! The only reason Lincoln doesn't fall in with the blaming was because A Luan actually started off the story as a Cool Big Sis giving him tips on his magic act and B he was already worried something would go wrong for someone in the family that week since several of them had something important going on during the week and as such, noted the suspicious people who the family ran into before the show. Despite Lincoln being willing to give her the benefit of the doubt, he still has to treat her as a suspect to Luan's clear dismay though she concedes that Lincoln needs her side of the story and Luan still isn't helping her case when she proves that she knows exactly how to pull off the chicken stunt that rattled Luna and wrecked her performance.

Luna is in no mood to consider anyone other than Luan as a suspect in the sabotage when Lincoln and Clyde show up despite the fact that she and Chuck can vouch that Luan got to the Chortle Portal when she says she did. And even when she calms down, she reiterates that Luan's April Fool's Day antics don't do her any favors in proving her innocence.

Luan trying to claim that there's a difference between said antics and the sabotage she's been accused of doesn't help either. When Luan tries to extend sympathy to Luna over the lost exposure, Luna tells her to stow it because whether or not Luan actually did sabotage her, she's in no mood to listen to someone she has several reasons believe would have screwed her over just for a laugh. When Lindsay is caught in an attempt to sabotage Lola's routine, she's thrown out of the building and one of the judges comments that such behavior got her banned from the current pageant. When Lola accuses her of sabotaging her ribbon dance routine, Luan quickly finds herself unable to prove she wasn't responsible because she has no evidence and because everyone saw her bump into Lindsay, who admitted to trying to sabotage Lola.

When Lincoln and Clyde discover an diary entry in which Lola details her plans to gaslight Luan on April Fool's Day into thinking her pranks caused Lola severe injury , they're both horrified as while both of them find Luan's April Fool's antics disturbing, they're well-aware that she'd be devastated if she hurt a family member, especially a younger one, and that Lola's plan would be Disproportionate Retribution.

Lola herself appears to have realized this as well as most of her more extreme ideas have been crossed out and she seems to have discarded the plan entirely. Related: Lincoln knows how protective of her diary Lola is so when one of its pages turns up in Lola's dressing room, he's quickly suspicious that Lola might be the one framing Luan since she's been quick to blame the comedian both times one of the Louds has been sabotaged though he does privately admit that it doesn't quite add up given that the current situation doesn't match up with other times Lola's sabotaged herself; since he isn't sure what's going on, he intends to question Lola.

Another fic tackling No Such Luck is Girls Among Sheep , although with a key difference in that it averts much of the extreme actions Lincoln's family took towards him in the episode. It turns out that Lisa never believed Lincoln was bad luck, and actually forged sham evidence showing he is to keep the other sisters from turning on her. Lincoln not attending a movie with the rest of the family was really a punishment for him lying about being bad luck to get out of hanging out with them.

When Lynn Jr. Not only does Lynn Jr. Also, Ronnie Anne is grounded for two weeks by her mother when her bullying is revealed, and it turns out that she punched Lincoln because he kissed her without warning, even though they barely know each other. By the same author as Code Geass: Ashikabi of the Amour Oneshot listed in the crossover section, Lincoln and the Vampire Louds Theoretical Oneshot applies some reality takes in its theoretical first chapter. The fic has some mention of the idea that Lincoln is adopted into the family at around his canon age, as some fics do. However, the fic notes that it took a while for some of the sisters to take to him, as not everyone easily takes to a new family member.

While most of the sisters have reached a point of a canon-like relationship with them Bar Lola , it took time to get there. Related to that, as the title suggests the Loud Sisters in this fic are in fact vampires, who are mostly friendly. However even after a year with them, Lincoln still is highly uneasy about the fact they except for Luna , feed by ambushing and feeding on humans.

And while the Loud sisters are friendly, some of them like Lynn , are not aware that it bothers Lincoln and remain blunt about it, while others like Lucy are aware of Lincoln's unease and try not to casually mention feeding on people. Also related, Lincoln wasn't taken in by the Louds for no reason. Lincoln in the one-shot developed a special ability that allows him to tell if a person isn't a regular human, meaning that having him wandering around is dangerous for them, while killing him would bring in dangerous attention. Continuing related trends, even without needing to kill or turn, vampires can be detected. Humans that are used to working with large groups of people, like Agnes Johnson, can pick up that a vampire child is somewhat different from a human child.

Trends relating to blood loss, like nausea and dizziness cases, can be tracked as well, though without cause to look they aren't obvious. Still related, as the world of the fic has a masquerade involved involving supernatural being and powers, there is a governing body. Said governing body, the Benevolence Society, has laws regarding behavior among such beings. Among them is vampire feeding, which the Louds do not follow and also have not registered with them.

As a result, the moment the Society picks up that illegal vampire feedings are occurring, they amass their attention on solving the problem. Finally, the Benevolence Society operates in the public sphere is an organization that advances the New England Federation's people culturally and financially, pushing for laws and ideals they support. Per Lincoln's own words, they promote "the virtues of Liberalism, Progress, Science, Tolerance," and other related ideals. Underneath the shadows in the side of the superhumans and supernatural beings the group is run and staffed by, they overage for the virtues of Liberalism, Progress, Science, Tolerance and everything else [they] publicly preached.

Lying about what they do would make it easier for people to spot cracks in their organization's masquerade, and thus the organization follows all their rules, laws, and ideals to a T. The leader, who is taking the identity as Theron Dodekantheon the Fifth , still pays the taxes of Theron Dodekantheon the Fourth, averting Undead Tax Exemption and thus, another crack someone could follow into the rabbit hole.

Lincoln Gets Limber : When Lincoln brings up Lynn's reputation as "the girl who does every sport imaginable", Lynn points out that it isn't really true for two reasons. First of all, there are sports that she has tried but hasn't really liked doing, such as netball, golf, volleyball, and tennis, demonstrating that even a Passionate Sports Girl like Lynn won't enjoy every sport that exists for various reasons. Secondly, her schedule only allows her to be part of seven sports teams basketball, soccer, roller derby, softball, lacrosse, football, and ice hockey and she can only fit them into her schedule because all of them are during different seasons, and the ones that are during the same season take place during different times of the week or the day.

Losing Him : Kicked out of your own house or not, when a defenseless child is just wandering around town with no adult supervision whatsoever, you can almost guarantee that something bad will happen to them; Lincoln gets shot by a mugger because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. And naturally, people are going to be wondering why a child would be wandering around town that late at night with nobody watching them in the first place. Detectives Stone and Brookes arrest Mr. Loud on the spot once they find out they evicted Lincoln from his own home, since throwing an unemancipated minor out of their house is a major crime. They also have an understandably hard time believing the two parents when they admit that neither of them knew that kicking Lincoln out was a crime at all, especially for the pettiest of reasons.

Lincoln isn't so willing to forgive his family so easily, as they had hoped, due to them being the main reason he was outside to get shot in the first place. When the public finds out about them kicking Lincoln out of the house because they believed he was bad luck and nearly dying from a bullet wound as a result because that incident was plastered all over the news, they all become outcasts. All of their friends and romantic partners end their relationships with them and are disgusted with how horribly they treated their brother. The Squirrels' coach tells Lynn that people saw her blaming Lincoln for their loss and that he was informed by her teammates that she forced them to partake in good-luck exercises to increase their chance of winning games.

The coach is disappointed in Lynn's unsportsmanlike behavior and he tells her that she's getting kicked off of the softball team. In fact, all of the other coaches and the school board decided to kick her off every single sports team she's part of at school and ban her from every school-sponsored sports event for life, because her poor sportsmanship is responsible for what happened to her brother. Lynn may be great at sports, but being a Sore Loser and relying on luck to win will not be tolerated. As the coach points out, great athletes rely on skill to do well and they take losing in stride, as well as using it as a motivation to do better. In Missing Linc , despite his efforts to ensure otherwise, Dirk O'Donnell learns that unless someone is actually acting in a movie, play or TV show, they aren't going to stick to a script just because they've been told to do so.

Especially when they're angry at you for kidnapping their brother. The only reason his daughter Ginny does is because he's forced her to do so her whole life. As smart as Lisa is, she's still only four years old, so Lori is naturally concerned about her being able to look after Lily on her own. Similarly, however brainy she is, Lily is still only a baby and as such, can't always interpret the things she encounters. All of the things that Lincoln suffered through is revealed to have stuck with him and he begins to resent his sisters not Lily, since she's just a baby and parents for it.

In real life, there's no such thing as Negative Continuity , nor is there a Reset Button , and mistreatment is likely to stick with a person and make them spiteful. The fanfics continue Lincoln's role as the Fourth-Wall Observer just like in the series proper. However, everybody else actually notices Lincoln talking. To them, Lincoln is basically just talking to himself , and because he does it so frequently, they begin to worry about him. Requiem for a Loud has Lucy and the twins getting suspicious of the odd behaviors that everybody else in the family are displaying. Just because they're young kids doesn't mean they won't notice anything out of the ordinary. Loud are taken to be questioned, and receive life sentences after the authorities learned that they had locked Lincoln outside of the house, which gave the Royal Woods Stalker all the time to kidnap and murder him.

The sisters are also made outcasts for their part. In Stories and Tales from Dimension 63 when Lincoln now trapped in the body of a female version of himself tries throwing heavy textbooks at her brothers as they chase her while acting like dogs because she was delivering newspapers the books barely leave her hands before they fall to the ground. A heavy book being thrown by an unathletic eleven-year-old girl is not going to go very far Lincoln points out that giving barely discernible riddles for fragment locations doesn't help in finding them.

Believe it or not , favoring one kid over the others not only hurts the other kids but if you go on to treat that kid in a way they don't feel comfortable, they'll have no incentive to ever go back home if they find a better place to live. If you try to groom a boy into becoming a good date for your sister, then you have the audacity to threaten him if he fails, don't expect him to be able to deal with the pressure. Ron Andy is a good example of this. Levi, Lisa's counterpart points out that, for a four-year-old to accomplish as much as others older than he is who can take years to make the same those same accomplishments, it requires a ridiculous amount of work, no matter how smart you are.

And even then, the boy can still run into older resentful rivals who wish to see him fail. It gets to the point that Levi embraces any opportunity he has to just be a normal boy. Chapter 23; in a trading card game, strategy is just as important, if not more, as the kind of cards you have in your deck, and you need at least some experience in the game before hoping to win a big match. Chandler is a beginner when it comes to Duel Monsters, and, as Lincoln points out, picked her cards entirely based on their looks, not their effects or how they could work together, hence why she loses. Lincoln finally gets to go to 'Take your daughter to work day', only to find out that it's only a boring lecture by her mother's boss, and realizes back in her home dimension that the girls have only been having fun by running riot in the office.

The boys tried doing the same on their first 'Take your son to work day' which takes place the day after, and got banned from ever going to another one. Linka was only permitted to attend afterward since she'd been there the day before and was known for being much better behaved than her brothers. Lincoln figures out that his sisters' rampages at their father's job made it that he wouldn't be welcome there.

One could say this happens every single time Lincoln reveals his true identity, and vice versa with Linka: Just because you're better or more tolerable than the person you're imitating, doesn't mean people will take it nicely once they find out the person they're dealing with is an impostor. Linka-in-Lincoln's body overpowers Lincoln-in-Linka's in every point where they get into fisticuffs. An unathletic little girl just can't win with brute force against a boy who recently went through a rigorous training regiment courtesy of Pop Pop. However, some of her schemes do not go completely according to plan, with unforeseen consequences left and right, and she realizes during it that some of the parties she wanted to get revenge on were not as wrong as she assumed at first and so toned down her revenge schemes against them, unlike in many such fics where the guilty stay just as guilty as assumed.

Also, even with her best efforts to hide her changes from them, her siblings do pick up on how she is acting off. Love Hina. An Alternate Keitaro Urashima : Keitaro refuses to run the Hinata Inn since, not only are several of the girls violent and don't want him there, he's got his own life to live and can't devote that kind of time to running the dorm. When Granny Hina tries to play the childhood promise card, Keitaro points out that you can hardly expect someone to stick by a promise they made when they were five and to a girl he barely even remembers.

Granny Hina's attempts to manipulate Keitaro into becoming manager cause massive rifts in their family. Turns out his parents don't appreciate how she lied either. Haruka's tendency to punish her workers and abuse customers she dislikes lead to her getting sued and losing the teahouse. Su has to get a part-time job to pay for some food she ate at the bakery that was meant for some customers, costing them clients.

And even after she pays it off, the bakery and other food stores post signs warning about her tendency to steal food. After coasting by without paying her rent for several months, Kitsune has to pay it all back or get evicted. Naru punching Keitaro nearly gets her kicked out of their cram school, and she becomes a social pariah. After being warned several times, Motoko attempts to challenge Keitaro to a duel Her fangirls get arrested as accessories. This leads to her expulsion from the Kendo Club. Ryuichi lost his job after Ogi revealed how he'd stalked Keitaro and Miyabi. After the fiasco with Keitaro, Shinobu starts reevaluating her relationship with the other girls and comes to the conclusion they've just been treating her as an Extreme Doormat.

Kyoshiro and Nanami Keitaro and Kanako's parents refuse to even consider letting Kanako drop out of school for over a year to go on a world tour with Granny Hina. In Ancestor , Kei Taro Urashima developed a healing technique using Ki to stimulate a body's natural healing ability he describes it as miracle grow which can even be used to re-attach severed limbs. So when a particularly clumsy novice kept losing a finger or two trying to learn swordsmanship, the cells connecting his finger to his hand started rotting due to being several decades older than the rest of his body.

In order to save his life, the healers had to amputate his arm. Contract Labor : When Keitaro asks his trainers why he's being trained to shoot three targets at a time he's told no matter how good he is, if he's facing more than four enemies with guns at once, he'll probably "suffer a fatal dose of lead poisoning" before he can shoot them all. One of the mercenaries on Seta's dig is left temporarily near deaf from firing his rifle inside a cave. Motoko is banned from carrying deadly weapons such as her katana on her person in the dorm as it's a safety issue regardless of how skilled she is.

Likewise violence, except in self-defense, is not allowed at the dorm. Keitaro further states that any self-defense has to be proportional. Pushing someone off you is okay; punching someone out is not. For His Own Sake : The story begins with Keitaro leaving the Hinata Inn after three years of acting as the manager to a group of girls that appear to look for any reason to attack him. He also breaks up with Naru , viewing their relationship as unhealthy, warped, and one-sided.

Keitaro's parents are pissed off when they learn that their son was constantly assaulted or abused by his tenants. When Keitaro's Aunt Marumi becomes manager, she declares that she will be converting the girls' dorm back to a regular inn and throws the girls out. After all, no sane manager would want to keep violent and troublesome girls in their inn. Motoko is disgusted when Kanako reveals she has feelings for Keitaro right after learning they are siblings.

Kanako quickly explains that they aren't really related, but Motoko doesn't buy the justification. Because Seta is unequipped with dealing with his daughter, Sarah , he is forced to ship her off to a strict boarding school. The headmaster chides him for his poor parenting when he reveals why he is doing this. Unlike Naru , Sarah , Su and Motoko at first, for the latter ; Kitsune and Shinobu are able to realize their mistakes and sever ties with the rest of the Hina girls. Kitsune, while greedy, does acknowledge her part in Keitaro leaving because she isn't violent or unreasonable like Naru and Motoko are. Shinobu, while never taking part in the violence, is still chewed out by Keitaro because she never did anything to help him despite being more reasonable than the others and took Naru or Motoko's word for any accusations against him every time without learning from those experiences.

Kaolla Su decides to "cheer up" the guests at an inn by chasing them with exploding Mecha-tamas.

Chapter Six of Scraps and Oneshots is Bully Beatdown Vs Stop Bullying Essay entitled Bully Beatdown Vs Stop Bullying Essay Ensues", and places a realistic spin on the events of "Planet Jackers". Pushing someone off you is okay; punching Bully Beatdown Vs Stop Bullying Essay out is not. When Red questions why they allow the Dark Irk-Net to Bully Beatdown Vs Stop Bullying Essay franchise advantages and disadvantages it's used for crime and Macbeths Relationship Analysis, the Bully Beatdown Vs Stop Bullying Essay Brains point out that it's Evolution Of Hollywood Fashion on independently operated servers outside of their control network.

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